F1 testing 2022

F1 testing 2022 finished and the top findings we have learned from

The pre-season Formula 1 testing 2022 give you a first impression of brand new cars. At least there is something more to see in the tests than in the photo of the car launches, which prepares us for the start of the new season. That is what pre-season testing came for. But, no wonder, they say, appearances are deceptive. Usually, the true theatricality begins with the F1 tests. Like outstanding professionals in motor racing, F1 drivers are potentially cunning and hide the true speed and power of new cars and defects. However, there are reasons for this. We have been following the F1 testing 2022 and there are outlines ahead of the start of the first Grand Prix in Bahrain.

F1 testing 2022, day 2 results
F1 testing 2022, day 2 results

Haas F1 Team is changing plans.

The F1 pre-season tests are behind us: at Barcelona and in Bahrain. Time passed quickly, while the Haas F1 team faced unusual problems within the team because of the sanctions imposed on the main sponsor, Uralkali, and the driver. Nikita Mazepin left the team. There are no expectations or any hopes for the future. Haas calmly ended the deal. Kevin Magnussen returned to the F1 driver line-up 2022 after a year of absence. As a move to help the team in Force majeure situation, they gave to Haas F1 drivers an extra four hours to keep F1 testing 2022.

Kevin Magnussen immediately seized the opportunity and drove with the best time. F1 fans cheered as the being with a very slow time in the Indycar, Magnussen drove so fast in Formula 1! However, the contract with Kevin is a good deal to improve the experience as for his teammate Mick Schumacher as for the entire Haas team.

Mick Schumacher completed 57 laps and drove the 1: 33, 151. There is some hope that the Haas F1 team will be more competitive.

Red Bull has become the favorite on Formula 1 testing 2022.

The record set by Kevin Magnussen did not last long. Max Verstappen was ready to bite everyone ahead on the track. Red Bull waited until the last hours of the last day in Bahrain to unveil an eye-catching sidepod update rather than start any improvement in the front wing tail plate.

Verstappen is the youngest F1 World Champion. Motivated enough, he set the record time – 1:31,720. That’s the point! Red Bull driver completed 53 laps, and it’s important that the record is not the full speed of the updated RB18. There was a reason. The new F1 cars imply the unpleasant features – they bouncing. That is why trying to speed up at full throttle on the track as at Sakhir in Bahrain will have the unpleasant consequences with a higher risk of flat out. WTF1 have already explained the F1 cars bouncing in detail.

Despite the team-mate’s super time, Sergio Perez did not achieve the same result. It’s the case that Red Bull drivers had the different strategy for the F1 testing 2022. After all, that’s why tests are coming – to test how the RB18 works! Anyway, both drivers have the race pace, which allows them to be considered favorites. Adrian Newey, the main race engineer of the winning Red Bull cars, was very happy with the time.

It is important to know that Max Verstappen used C5 tires – the softest compositions. These types are not good for long distances because of the fast degradation. The characteristics of the Sakhir circuit with its own weather, the degradation, are even faster here. Miracles, but Verstappen managed it with C5 without praise. Either it is a matter of changing the tire composition for this year, or in the new Formula 1 cars… or in Verstappen’s driving skills!

Mclaren F1 team something is not planned.

Lando Norris started his new MCL 36 so loudly that he finished the Formula 1 testing 2022 at Barcelona with record time – 1:19.568. Norris completed 103 laps and was almost 0.5 seconds ahead of second fastest Scuderia Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc!

But something went wrong when Daniel Ricciardo tested positive for Covid. The McLaren F1 team lost a driver and Lando had to test the car alone – alone. He is ninth overall in Bahrain.

Driving with just one driver is an enormous loss. Drivers gather the information on Formula 1 testing 2022. Thus, the team has the full report on the updated car before the start of the season.

We wish Daniel Ricciardo a speedy recovery and soon return to the wheel. The legitimate question is who will replace Ricciardo at the Bahrain Grand Prix from 18 to 20 March? The topic is still under discussion. Alpine F1 Team immediately came up with proposals to reserve a Mercedes driver.

Rumors arose again about the free driver, Nico Hülkenberg. But Mclaren refused. Mercedes F1 Team officially has two drivers at its disposal: Nyck de Vries or Stoffel Vandoorne. Alpine also proposed their talented young reserve driver, Oscar Piastri. The deal is honorable, but Mclaren is still hoping for Daniel Ricciardo to start in Bahrain. Now, the situation looks like one is cooking a rabbit before he catches him. The candidates are already lining up.

BAHRAIN, BAHRAIN - MARCH 11: Sebastian Vettel of Germany driving the (5) Aston Martin AMR22 Mercedes locks a wheel under braking during Day Two of F1 Testing at Bahrain International Circuit on March 11, 2022 in Bahrain, Bahrain. (Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images)
BAHRAIN, BAHRAIN – MARCH 11: Sebastian Vettel of Germany driving the (5) Aston Martin AMR22 Mercedes locks a wheel under braking during Day Two of F1 Testing at Bahrain International Circuit on March 11, 2022 in Bahrain, Bahrain. (Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images)

The drivers of Alpine‘ and Aston Martin need time.

Aston Martin F1 team has made a lot of noise in the past… too much noise. From bitter experience, Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll have followed suit and are now hiding the true potential of the AMR22. Sebastian Vettel faced up to the problems and retired on the second day on the track. It’s a relatively minor problem.

What is certain is that there is a gap between his teammates, with Sebastian Vettel looking quicker as the German completed 81 laps in Sakhir to finish tenth overall.

Fernando Alonso has given us hope that the updated A522 will be closer to the top five. He posted the fourth time – 1: 32.689 in Bahrain and 8th at F1 tests in Spain. Esteban Ocon is trying to keep up the pace. Esteban Ocon shone on the day two as he set a personal best despite soaring temperatures in the morning session.

Alfa Romeo drivers keep pushing at the Formula 1 testing 2022.

The team changed the driver’s line-up and went to the limit. After a tough test at Barcelona with many mechanical problems, things went much better for Alfa Romeo in Bahrain.

Valtteri Bottas completed a respectable 82 laps, with Zhou Guanyu completing over 150.

The Finn stopped twice, with the hydraulics playing a role, but that looked relatively insignificant compared to the problems at Barcelona. However, there are still reliability issues with the updated Alfa Romeo C42.

AlphaTauri drivers feel confinence.

One of the hottest topics in the 2022 Formula One tests will be reliability concerns. Pierre Gasly took the wheel of the updated AT03 and made it clear – the car is well designed. Both drivers spent many laps for AlphaTauri. Initially, Gasley tried to improvise the race with Hamilton, but Lewis has other headaches right now. Pierre spent 94 laps at Sakhir with the joy.

Yuki Tsunoda has said that he has grown in confidence and with a season under his belt and not for nothing, because he has set his own record: his fastest lap – 1: 33.002 minutes and this is seventh overall.

Scuderia Ferrari is on the verge of real progress.

Ferrari was the talk of the town on the first and second days, consistently fast laps set so fast by their two drivers that F1 fans couldn’t beilive.

Everyone in the paddock agreed that they were quick, even Red Bull and Mercedes admitted the pace of the red suits was very fast! Charles Leclerc set the best time – 1:32.415s, the third place in overall F1 testing 2022 in Bahrain.

The real potential of the updated F1-75 is the secret, but one thing is certain: there are no reliability issues. They may have been defused by Red Bull right at the end of the third day. Nevertheless the Scuderia seems well placed to mount a charge into the top three this season.

F1 testing 2022 overall

Mercedes F1 team is hiding the real potential.

Ahead of F1 testing 2022, we predicted that the new Red Bull cars will have the same patons configuration as Mercedes W13 cars. Well, these cars are very different: as before, Red Bull will maintain its own strategy, while Mercedes will have its own vision of the design of the fastest F1 car in 2022.

After F1 testing 2022, fans have a strange feeling about the speed of Mercedes. Together 384 laps, but there are no results to get to the top! This could be due to two reasons: whether George Russell and Lewis Hamilton both deliberately slow the car or whether they faced with technical problems. We can’t imagine the former and to believe in the second one. What to choose? You decide. Anyway, George Russell set his own record of 1: 32.759. Lewis Hamilton had talked about problems during the two days. He is the 17th and 16th on the last day. Unexpected result!

Williams drivers complete the grid. At the moment, it is difficult to draw conclusions about the pace of Williams. It is unclear whether the team has the speed at all. On the second day, everything went wrong for Williams. Nicholas Latifi was in the car when the brake caught fire and caused him to spin. The team could not get the car back on track in time. Canadian had only 12 laps to test the car. Alex Albon had composed a test and seems to have fitted in well with his new team as the first race is approaching. However, the real pace will see in the actual battle in the race.