F1 season 2022

F1 season 2022 starts: The key questions from the first laps

F1 fans from around the world have been waiting for this moment for months! The Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix kicks off the F1 season 2022 with thunderous ovations! There will be upgraded cars and famous drivers – we know what to expect! More exciting and even faster.

Is the Mercedes team in trouble for Formula 1 season 2022?

Whether Mercedes drivers really had to genuinely struggle or was it mythical sandbagging? Nobody knows, but most experts predict the team is potentially hiding the true pace of the W13 car. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are confident that the car has the potential to battle with Red Bull and Ferrari.

So there are a few reasons to hesitate, as with Mercedes and pre-season testing, again they are on the back foot ahead of the first race. But everyone knows how Hamilton could add to the last laps! He conjures up his Mercedes like a magician and how his dead tires could be refreshing even without a pit stop.

There is another reason to believe that Mercedes has genuine problems to fix. There is the difference between sandbagging and fighting. Faced with mythical problems, drivers hide the pace with high fuel consumption or retreat in certain laps. Mercedes cars looked like a handful to drive during F1 tests in 2022. When the team lowered the ride height, the W13 cars bounced. The deeper the car is on the ground, the better it should work, but it doesn’t work for Mercedes. So the problem needs to be resolved as quickly as possible, if it is a real problem.

George Russell or Lewis Hamilton?

The Mercedes F1 team is experiencing another issue in addition to the common problems. Essentially, the case is about Lewis Hamilton and George Russell’s hunger for victory.

That has been making headlines for a long time and is something F1 fans like to talk about. No one can be sure that George Russell will not be faster than Lewis Hamilton and will not take the lead in the team as a result! Young F1 driver pursued the dream of being a part of Silver Arrows no matter what.

George had been racing in lapped Williams for so long that it was impossible to give up the dream of winning. Russell is young and is ready to re-enter his name into Mercedes, so he will certainly appreciate any opportunity to do so. However, Lewis Hamilton needs to steel his nerves as he isn’t ready for his teammate’s hopping!

In F1 season 2022, will Scuderia Ferrari compete for the Top 3?

When the case involves the Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, it is a long story. Tifosi are really missing seeing the red suits on the podium! Carlos Sainz made a big splash when he finished third at the Brazilian F1 Sprint race in 2021. Italian team has the pace as you’d struggle to find someone who didn’t think Scuderia Ferrari was in the top-two. Who knows, maybe Prancing Horses has reason to praise!

Moreover, the management style of the Italian team is different, as they allow their drivers to compete. The last time was when Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc were both prancing, and their rivalry caused chaos for the team. There were not many opportunities for ovations in Formula 1 2021, but Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc still managed to finish in the top five. What are the chances of Scuderia Ferrari making the podium in Formula 1 in 2022? How will the leadership affect Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc’s relationship? Is Sainz sure he will choose Ferrari over McLaren then?

Will Daniel Ricciardo be suitable for F1 season 2022?

Most F1 fans are hoping for a “yes,” but there are also some reasons to hesitate. In fact, Ricciardo missed all the official pre-season testing in Bahrain and has only been driving the new MCL 36 for a day and a half. Daniel continues to recover from Covid-19 after testing positive ahead of the last days of testing in Bahrain.

Rumors have been rife about who will replace the Australian if Ricciardo is still unwell. Young talents Nyck de Vries and Stoffel Vandoorne are already ready to take their places on the first call-up. Also in the running for a place is Paul di Resta, and 2021 Formula 2 champion Oscar Piastri.

But the buzz could dissipate as Ricciardo returns for the Bahrain GP 2022. Although, the Australian F1 driver will definitely be at a disadvantage to his teammate Lando Norris in terms of his comfort in the car and his driving experience.

Daniel, we wish you a speedy recovery. In the first race of the Formula 1 season 2022, he should get the fastest results. Lando Norris looked better on the team last year, so he needs to prove his pace. Ricciardo has been at two different teams in recent years, and Mclaren is the opportunity he needs after retiring from Renault and Red Bull.

Will Max Verstappen keep his number one spot?

Re Bull driver won Abu Dhabi GP 2021 and became the youngest ever F1 champion. What a record! Although, you already know that if not Max Verstappen’s ability to change, self-improvement, perhaps the world remains him as a courageous and high-risking driver. Verstappen has been changing as his racing experiences improve. He became more straight and got more inner power to become more self-confident. Even the entire story around the last laps in Abu Dhabi and how calm he was after. These are excellent examples. F1 season 2022 is the new chapter for Max Verstappen. Which side of the talented Belgian-Dutch driver will you see: sustained, calm, confident or the daredevil? How will Max Verstappen change in his new role as F1 world champion?

In addition, you will see Red Bull driver Sergio Perez demonstrate his superior racing skills, because he has no other choice but to race even faster. The contract with the Mexican driver expires after the 2022 Formula 1 season. Red Bull has no habit of long handshakes with drivers: either you’re driving fast, or there’s a long queue of people who want to take your place. After Formula 1 season 2022, will Sergio Perez’s contract expire, or will it be extended? These are crucial questions.

Will Valtteri Bottas lead Alfa Romeo?

Valtteri Bottas had been driving alongside Lewis Hamilton in Mercedes for a long five years. Perhaps he could achieve even more than the team that leads the championships. Today, this chapter is a closed case. Bottas opens new doors. He is free to be a number one driver. Valtteri runs Alfa Romeo with younger Chinese driver Guanyu Zhou to the starting grid for Bahrain GP 2022. However, the car is far from his previous Mercedes in pace and technical terms. Will Bottas progress with Alfa Romeo. It will be very interesting to compare his performance with a rookie called Guanyu Zhou.

All or nothing for Kevin Magnussen in F1 season 2022?

The noise around former Haas F1 driver Nikita Mazepin and his father’s Uralkali as the main sponsor, is still surrounding. As a result of the deal’s failure, Uralkali is waiting to refund money. But it’s complicated because of sanctions for Russian companies. However, Gene Haas is ready to invest even more funds into the team as Haas faces a major force situation. Anyway, Kevin Magnussen immediately took his place. We predicted that Nico Hulkenberg would replace Mazepin, but being a part-time reserve driver for Mercedes, they declined his resume.

Quite frankly, Nico Hulkenberg got the chance to come back to Formula 1. Geman replaces Sebastian Vettel in Bahrain Grand Prix 2022. Vettel got a positive test for COVID.

Magnussen had no plans to get back into F1 racing. The argument is that this is unfair since Kevin promised to back the team in only one case: it should be a top team in Formula 1. Well, the Lord works in mysterious ways, as they say. Kevin Magnussen had a multiple year deal with Peugeot hypercars, as well as responsibility for Ganassi Cadillac (IMSA). Thus, he broke everything for one, but very illusive chance – to drive in Formula 1. In Formula 1 season 2022, Kevin Magnussen has no other option but to race for points, as everything is at stake! It will be a paradox if Haas competes for points after Nikita Mazepin’s retirement, who spent a curious year in Formula 1.

Bahrain GP 2022 schedule

F1 Bahrain Grand Prix will take place over 57 laps at the 5.412-kilometre Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir on Sunday, March 20, with Formula 1’s free practice session kicking off on Friday, March 18.

FIA Formula 3Practice Session11:25 – 12:10
FIA Formula 2Practice Session12:35 – 13:20
FIAF1 Car Presentation13:30 – 14:30
FIA Formula 3Qualifying Session16:25 – 16:55
FIA Formula 2Qualifying Session19:25 – 19:55
Formula 1Teams’ Press Conference12:30 – 13:30
FIA Formula 3Sprint Race (20 Laps or 40 Mins)12:45 – 13:30
Formula 1Aston Martin Track Activity13:45 – 13:55
Formula 1Aston Martin Track Activity16:05 – 16:15
Formula 1Press Conference19:00 – 20:00
FIA Formula 2Sprint Race (23 Laps or 45 Mins)19:40 – 20:30
FIA Formula 3Feature Race (24 Laps or 45 Mins)11:45 -12:35
Formula 1Aston Martin Track Activity12:50 – 13:00
FIA Formula 2Feature Race (32 Laps or 60 Mins)13:40 -14:45
Formula 1Drivers’ Parade16:00 -16:30
Formula 1National Anthem17:44 – 17:46
FORMULA 1GRAND PRIX (57 LAPS OR 120 MINS)18:00 – 20:00
Bahrain is 3 hours ahead of UTC. The schedule is subject to change.

A couple of questions instead of a conclusion.

Alex Albon punched his ticket out, when he joined the Williams F1 team. The ability to get back into Formula 1 racing in terms of his participation with Red Bull wasn’t so clear. There is a chance to stay in F1 racing for a while. Will Alex Albon repeat George Russell’s success?

The possibility of opening its own chapter in Formula 1 came to Guanyu Zhou. While there is no way to call a young Chinese driver with racing experience an incredible talent. Zhou came to F1 driver line-up 2022 immediately as Guanyu has a lot of support from Chinese sponsors and thousands of fans in his homeland. Will Guanyu Zhou repeat the story of Nikita Mazepin? On the racing circuit, everything will be decided. Bahrain GP 2022 is on the agenda.