F1 Saudi Arabia 2022

F1 Saudi Arabia 2022: Jeddah catches the eye as a very dangerous circuit

After F1 Saudi Arabia 2022 Grand Prix Max Verstappen called Jeddah the most dangerous race track in Formula 1. Red Bull’s fastest driver certainly has all the reasons. Max Verstappen ran along and across all 27 turns of Jeddah Corniche Circuit. He grabbed victory through an amazing battle against two Scuderia Ferrari drivers. 

F1 Saudi Arabia 2022: Jeddah Circuit features.

Jeddah Corniche Circuit is the fastest and longest street circuit in the world. It has a unique character that not every F1 driver appreciates. Even the most experienced and hardened racers keep passing the turns here as carefully as possible!

Jeddah Corniche Ciruit in simple terms

6.175km -Longest street circuit
27 turns – 16 left, 11 right
252km/h -Fastest street circuit
3x DRS Zones

Jeddah Corniche Circuit consists of corners!

There is a common opinion that Jeddah resembles a long, straight line. Such a suggestion is breaking into a million pieces immediately when you take the wheel of a racing car here.

The Jeddah Corniche Circuit has more action-packed corners than any other circuit in the world! Here are 27 corners: 16 left turns and 11 to the right.

Thus, the road line wags like waves, and the F1 drivers turn into real racing surfers. In order to avoid rushing, it is imperative not to let impulse have free reign.

The racing challenge rules for F1 Saudi Arabia 2022 state that Mick Schumacher is the first driver to suffer from Jeddah.

Mick Schumacher crash.

F1 qualifying in Saudi Arabia was immediately interrupted after Mick Schumacher spun heavily in the wall. The accident occurred in the middle of F1 qualifying. In Q2, the German driver who was driving over the kerbs lost the back end of his Haas VF-22.

Mick Schumacher suffered a 33G bang at Jeddah Corniche. The medical car rushed to transport Haas’s driver to the medical center. Schumacher is feeling good, but all plans for the 2022 Saudi Grand Prix on Sunday failed. Haas F1 Team estimates the damage to the car at $1 million.

However, the end of F1 qualifying also surprised fans, especially fans of the Red Bull team. Sergio Perez took pole in qualifying F1 Saudi Arabia 2022 on Saturday. The Mexican made the fans cheer no one expected such agility from Sergio. It was predicted that the Jeddah F1 Circuit would suit Red Bull cars more than Mercedes. Although Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes did not even reach Q2. It could be said that Hamilton watched F1 qualifying from the pits rather than behind the wheel of the F1 car. Lewis Hamilton won the Saudi Arabian GP 2021.

Scuderia Ferrari, which started the season like a spaceship, only gained an advantage. Charles Leclerc was second on the F1 Saudi Arabia start grid 2022. Max Verstappen took a turn for third. There were many words about Mick Schumacher at the press conference. Claiming that Jeddah F1 Circuit is very dangerous, made new sense and poofs. 

In some places, if you lose the car like today with Mick and you go flat out into the wall it is extremely painful and very, very dangerous.

Max Verstappen (The Sun)

F1 Saudi Arabia 2022 is “a bit blind” race. 

That is what Max Verstappen was talking about when the case was about Mick Schumacher’s accident and the configurations of Jeddah Corniche Circuit. The track looks straight in the picture, but only in real life. On all 27 turns of the superspeedway, drivers pass somewhat blindly due to the configuration. 

This is why Jeddah Circuit never gives a second chance as it’s very easy to lose the car. Thus, Nicolas Latifi crashed the car a few times during F1 Saudi Arabia 2022 and for now has apologized to the team, trying to forget the weekend. 

 It was a high class performance by Max Verstappen. Red Bull driver kept clear eyesight through every corner, even with lap leader, Charles Leclerc. The victory was decided on the final laps. The safety car was on its way to Jeddah after Nicholas Latifi’s crash, and all Max Verstappen could do was stay calm without taking any risks. Jeddah’s wave reached him, even when he took blind corners.

F1 Jeddah Corniche Circuit is a very narrow track!

A super-fast street circuit, combined with lots of corners; the Jeddah Corniche also has another way of reducing the risk to drivers. There are a few sections where drivers can overtake. Fast overtaking is not an option for Jeddah as drivers have to think ahead to the next corner. Therefore, it is expected that the battle here will be even more fierce for the second year running.

The 2021 Saudi Grand Prix provided a breathtaking race for fans from all over the world. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton turned everything upside down and created a new headache for the FIA! The new leadership came into Formula 1 in the 2022 season. Thus, the battle between black horses, but so much faster, the Scuderia Ferrari and Red Bull, is the brilliance of the F1 Saudi Arabia 2022 Grand Prix.

The circuit got some reconstruction compared with its debut season in 2021, but generally configurations are still very tough to drive. F1 Saudi Arabia 2022 offers another risk in Jeddah. What is the sense of a narrow racing track? The risk is to collide with the car ahead and behind as well as to not overtake a lapped car. 

The battle between Alpine drivers brought another minute of joy. Fernando Alonso’s classy drive made F1 fans smile despite not reaching a scheduled goal. His Alpine was out due to technical problems with the engine.  

F1 Saudi Arabia 2022 started with scandal and finished with a stunning battle between Red Bull and Scuderia Ferrari. According to someone, an accident at Aramco near Jeddah has clouded the beginning of the weekend. In spite of this, Jeddah is without a doubt the most dangerous racing track due to its original configuration.