F1 points system explained

F1 Points System: How does it work? Let’s dive into the standings

Tyre battle in a frenzy for every point – you can feel the tension at every Formula 1 race! While one of the passing Mercedes or Red Bull drivers turns into the pits to get new tires for the fastest race time. How does the F1 points system work and what do we need to know about it?

F1 points system in 2023 season

To determine the best in the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships, different methods of awarding the laurel were formerly in practice. It is simpler than ever before to monitor who receives what points in Formula One, due to the points system presently in place. This system can range from the top five finishers. The top six finishers, or the points earned from simply a few of the best results.

The scoring system is the most generous of all, with the ten highest finishers all receiving points and the driver with the quickest lap of the race, if they finish in the top 10, receiving an additional point as a reward.

F1 Points System: Grand Prix

The race winner gains 25 points. Second place scores 18, and third place gets 15.

If the driver who completed the fastest lap finishes in the top 10, then they have achieved the quickest time.

1st: 252nd: 183rd: 154th: 125th: 10
6th: 87th: 68th: 49th: 210th: 1

At the 2022 Japanese Grand Prix, the FIA awarded points in Formula 1 according to a race that had either finished 75% or more of its distance or. In the case of a red flag stoppage, was restarted and concluded under green flag conditions with a minimum of two full racing laps.

Scoring Points in F1 Sprint Qualifying Rounds

The F1 Sprint qualifying format has been criticized by both racing fans and teams that it turns the race weekend upside down. So, the FIA Formula 1 expanded the number of sprints in 2023, doubling the amount from three to six. This will, therefore, offer a potential of 48 additional points for the sprint winners throughout the season. However, the drivers get points for the first eight places.

1st: 82nd: 73rd: 64th: 5
5th: 46th: 37th: 28th: 1

Sprint points are only given if the leader finishes a race of more than 50% of the total sprint distance. In contrast to the entire race on Sunday, the fastest lap in the mini race is without a bonus point.

F1 points plus another score for the fastest lap.

Every driver on the starting grid can get the point for the fastest lap during the race. Everyone, who drives the fast car. According to official statistics, there are not many drivers who have taken the coveted score. Pierre Gasly is one of them. Alpha Tauri driver also won the Hungarian Grand Prix 2021 and drove the fastest DHL lap at the Hungaroring – 1: 18: 334. Most common cases are drivers from Mercedes and Red Bull.

Half Points in Formula 1

Let us guess, you ask yourself – is the 0.5 point for task that is partially completed? The correct answer – yes and no. For example, the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix, which took place only for two laps through the rain wall, officially ended. However, the FIA then rolled out numerous modifications to the F1 scoring system to stop such an occurrence from happening again if a race is canceled by the rain or other factors stop it from going the full distance.

It is essential that two laps of racing must go ahead without the help of the Safety Car or Virtual Safety Car in order for points to be given, which is especially relevant when conditions are difficult.

The FIA has created a ‘Points Column’ system to give points in the event of a race not being able to be completed. This system rewards racers based on how much of the race was completed prior to its cancellation or before the full lap count was achieved. According to FIA regulations, the maximum duration of a race is 2 hours within a 3-hour window.

FIA Formula One Point System for the First Lap of 25% of the Total Race Distance

1st: 62nd: 43rd: 34th: 25th: 1

Points for Formula One Racing According to Percentage of Race Distance Completed (25%-50%)

1st: 132nd: 103rd: 84th: 65th: 5
6th: 47th: 38th: 29th: 1

The entirety of points in Formula 1 are given out after the completion of 75% of the race distance, and all points accumulated are in compliance with the 2022 FIA Sporting Regulations.

What is the point of scores in Formula 1?

The points in Formula 1 is the indicator of the results of successful work. Just ask someone who is fastest? Probably the simple answer is – is the team or driver who leads the overall standings in Formula 1. Although the coveted points are more than results, it is also about money.

In term of revenue, the top three will get $66 million, while the final spot, Williams in 2020, gets about $15 million.

You might ask – why does Hass F1 manage to compete in the 2021 Formula 1 season when you already know – it’s not a profitable idea at all? That’s not as easy as it could be. Haas F1 Team will also earn revenue, even if the two drivers Nikita Mazepin and Mick Schumacher will not score any points at all. Haas has already added up the balance because the deal with the Russian driver has earned the team around 40 million dollars. Mick Schumacher also helped the Haas F1. The German driver attracted the attention of potential future sponsors and boosted the team’s ratings.

So it is not only a matter of honor for everyone to win in the points system of Formula 1, but also an excellent F1 drivers salary increase! In Formula 1 there are various awards: “Driver of the Day,” “DHL Fastest Pit Stop” or “Overtaking Award.” These only increase the evaluation of the team and the drivers, but do not bring any points. Although, it is only a matter of time.