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F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix: The first touch on the epic night race

F1 management is constantly on the lookout for the most authentic venues: those with their own atmosphere and a genuine sense of racing for fans from all around the world. As a result, it will hold Formula 1 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the most well-known American city, and the Entertainment Capital of the World. are the primary characteristics, as well as the location for Formula 1 2023. “Hardcore!” was Lewis Hamilton’s immediate reaction. As soon as they made the announcement of the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023, the drivers’ faces lit up. The night race amid neon lights will undoubtedly be dramatic, exciting, glitzy, and glamorous.

Everything old is new again: F1 Las Vegas is back after 40 years!

Has Formula 1 ever raced in Las Vegas before? 

Exactly! For over 40 years, Formula 1 raced in Las Vegas with a short-lived event twice in the 1980s. The Silver City hosted races in 1981 and 1982, and both Grand Prix were title deciders.

Nelson Piquet secured the 1981 Formula One World Championship by finishing fifth, overtaking Carlos Reutemann’s one point lead. The Brazilian struggled with severe back pain during the race, which affected his neck. He vomited halfway through the race as he was struggling in the Nevada heat.

Keke Rosberg clinched his one and only title for Williams at the end of 1982. The year was hard because Gilles Villeneuve’s death marred it. There wasn’t much interest in F1 racing returning to Las Vegas. The track at Caesars Palace had to be changed for CART, which only lasted two years before walking away from the sport.

Will F1 Las Vegas repeat its crucial role in title deciding in Formula 1’s 2023 season? Time will tell, but there’s no doubt it will be a unique Grand Prix, albeit with a brand new name.  

Las Vegas Grand Prix
Las Vegas Grand Prix

What will the Las Vegas F1 race 2023 be called?

As the circuit was built entirely in a car park of the famous Caesar’s Palace casino, the races held there in 1981 and 1982 were known as the Caesars Palace Grand Prix. Vegas F1 Race 2023 will get the straightforward name – Las Vegas Grand Prix.

The third race in the United States on the 2023 calendar!

Las Vegas will be the third race on the F1 calendar in 2023 after Miami and Austin. Miami joins Formula 1 2022 calendar with an epic race track that will circle Hard Rock Stadium–the home of the Miami Dolphins.

 Austin’s Circuit of The Americas is the only one of three that is a permanent racetrack. It has huge elevation changes throughout and borrows some great bits from other circuits to promote great racing.

Aren’t three of US races in 2023 too much for Formula 1?  

Formula 1 has made giant strides forward in the United States. There was not a single Grand Prix in USA in 2011. Despite local races such as IMSA, Nascar and others, interest in Formula 1 in the USA has surged. Five years ago, it could seem like nonsense to hold three Formula 1 races in the USA. There comes a time when all races in the USA are counter-productive. As F1 seeks to expand markets and locations, they have widely spread out the events. All three races will run in different time zones (Miami on ET, Austin on CT, Las Vegas on PT) and have unique characteristics.  

F1 Las Vegas racing is all about the glitz.

Thus, now we know that Las Vegas is a city that knows how to deliver world-class hospitality. For years, the world’s biggest names such as Lady GaGa, Adele and Elton John, have had long residencies here. In addition, the world’s most renowned chefs have battled for a prime location on the Strip so they could serve up their latest innovations. Thus, don’t wonder if all VIPs from America and around the globe will attend the first F 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix in 2023 

Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023 will be a non-traditional, but tough challenge.

Why does the F1 race in Las Vegas take place on a Saturday?

The inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix will take place on a Saturday. In addition, the date and time of the event will be non-traditional, being the night. This makes F1 Las Vegas 2023 Grand Prix one of the few that started on a Saturday. For 38 years, the 1985 South African GP was the last race to take place on a Saturday. Since then, all races have started on a Sunday.

To make Las Vegas Grand Prix a Saturday night race meant running it in a prime-time slot for the American audience. Meanwhile, it will also be in the early hours of the Sunday morning for Europe, making it appealing for people to stay up late to watch. That means everything will happen a day earlier than usual, with qualifying on Friday and practice on Thursday. So don’t forget to bring a glass of Red Bull if you’re a late bird, or set the alarm early if you’re a lark! 

Our brave drivers will face other problem, except the Vegas entertainment atmosphere, which will constantly distract them from racing, is about physical challenge. The Vegas racing circuit has an anti-clockwise layout and searing heat. The circuit got upgrades and includes a 2km stretch of track running down the famous Strip!  

Las Vegas F1 race track layout

Las Vegas F1 race track is 3.9 miles (6.2km) wide and features 14 corners and 15 turns, including three long straights that will allow the cars to reach speeds of over 210mph. Runnin’ along the Las Vegas strip, it is one of the longest in Formula 1. 

The designers made 31 different layout variations before agreeing on the final version– a spectacular 14-turn high-speed design that will have a high average speed and will require teams to bring in their low-downforce aerodynamic packages in Monza / Spa versions.

The management of the Vegas Grand Prix already has all the instructions necessary to prepare the track. First, iron the creases, as the roads are still bumpy. Though it’s a street circuit – the narrow as it is, the track will still be around 12-15m wide. Drivers will have plenty of space to get alongside each other in the fight for position.

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When is the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix? 

Greg Maffei, Liberty Media CEO, says there are some loose ends to tie up contractually. Thus, there is no obvious information on the exact date for the inaugural Grand Prix. However, according to sources, the F1 Las Vegas 2023 race will take place in November. As it expects, the race is likely to feature as part of the late-season swing through the Americas. The race is due to start at 10pm local time in Las Vegas.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada Signage

It is about the atmosphere

Bet you haven’t experienced a Grand Prix with a bit of a similar atmosphere! Every night is party night in Vegas, but Saturday is the showpiece. F1 Las Vegas 2023 Grand Prix promises to take us deep into Saturday night, through the celebration of neon lights! The city comes to life with its oasis of glittering lights, delivering a visual spectacle. 
By blasting directly by famous hotels like the Venetian and Caesars Palace, our drivers will experience the original experience. There is wheel-to-wheel racing in the casino’s background celebration along with the Bellagio – with its iconic fountain.

What is the roadblock to the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix?

Perhaps the most significant contradiction in conducting the Vegas Grand Prix is the lack of a clear perspective based on prior experiences. As a result, the race in Vegas in 1981 failed because it could not draw an audience to Formula 1. The stands were just half-full.

Returning in 1982 was difficult since everyone recalled the race of 1981. Since then, F1 has never returned to the gambling capital. Detroit got the right to host the Grand Prix.

Historically, there has been a lot more interest in racing. Even the races in the premier Formula Series, which included the local stars, did not pique the public’s attention. As a result, they proved to be commercially unprofitable.

Despite this, it was only a series of experiences. Today, Formula 1 has a much more refined appearance and a high degree of global impact. F1 spectators now have access to TV broadcast, and F1 drivers are becoming more sociable because of social media channels.

The information on the execution date of F1 Las Vegas 2023 will change during the season. Undoubtedly, the start of Vegas F1 is a step forward as the new origin city joins the calendar. Undoubtedly, that will be a tremendous show: with glitz, noise, and an ocean of entertainment with VIPs from all over the world. Although, in the background of Vegas Grand Prix, there is still important to make the support to the iconic racing circuits, perhaps not such glamorous, despite that, which keeps the best of racing spirit.