F1 driver salary 2021: Let’s talk money

F1 driver salary 2021
F1 drivers, photo by F1I.com


The F1 driver salary is a joy to count, because at first glance it looks like a dream and not like yours, secondly.  Hard to think about other header after Lewis Hamilton signed contract with Mercedes on £40m. and that’s twice as much as the next driver on the list! SUN published the top ten F1 drivers’ salaries in 2021. Let’s look at how Formula 1 drivers” incomes have changed since 2020.
F1 driver salary 2021
Top F1 drivers in 2021 theSUNco.uk

F1 drivers’ salaries 2021: Expectation vs. Reality. 

Trying to take drivers” salaries in one of the most expensive sports, SUN suggested: Sebastian Vettel was the second highest earning driver in 2020, but has swapped his £37m Ferrari salary package for a more modest £12.5m at Aston Martin. But in reality, those numbers dropped to £7.28m. Needs to say same magical £7.28m will get Carlos Sainz jr. at the S. Vettel’s place in Scuderia Ferrari.
F1 driver salary 2021
Top F1 drivers in 2021 theSUNco.uk

Charles Leclerc salary 2021

Charles Leclerc’s £8m Ferrari salary, as predicted by this version, brought him to sixth place, ahead of Valtteri Bottas on £6.5m. At the reality monegasque’ salary in 2021 will be more than £10m, while Valtteri Bottas will only £5.82m.

Amazing difference between the F1 team-mates. 

Lewis Hamilton’s salary is amazing compared to his team-mate, it is four times as much! So only Max Verstappen can keep up with: £18.20 with £4.37m of his team-mate Sergio Perez, but that is reasonable. 

Fernando Alonso’s salary 2021 

Nobody has a clue who can imagine this? 15 m for the Spanish driver and incredible flashback in the Alpine Formula 1 team. The real figure is about £6.55m, even more than Valtteri Bottas. 

Where are the salaries of the other Formula 1 drivers?

 The good question, where are the other drivers, because we need to know more! Probably even V.Bottas would have to clarify the situation, but we can only guess. For example, there is no Nikita Mazepin in this list, but this question is not about the driver, but about how much money the Haas F1 team had from the deal.