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F1 controversy: The key points ahead of the 2022 season

Controversy is an integral part of Formula 1. This sets it apart from the past. It’s not about the difference between eras. The more people who follow Formula 1, the more countries get involved, the greater the discussion of motor racing. The 2022 season marks the new era and new F1 controversy. Biofuel, updated cars, new regulations – there are many innovations in the pipeline. This is a wide range of conflicting opinions!

Controversies in Formula 1 are the engines of progress or regression?

Do the controversial innovations and actions make Formula 1 better, or do they make it too much like the show? Therefore, the F1 sprint race, the FIA regulations, and new tires are the most controversial. Although the innovations should make Formula 1 even more interesting for the original audiences of all ages.

The fate of the Formula 1 world championship could be decided a little earlier if there were no F1 sprint qualifying in the 2021. Mercedes’ dominance had stolen the headlines and brought a boring race to a very predictable end.

Michael Masi, Formula 1’s race director, is the first hand on the job and has done a lot for safety in racing. He directly took part in quickly remedied the aftermath of Romain Grosjean’s serious crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix. That was his good work. Michael Masi inspected the track for every corner of the barriers. Masi was the first to fly to Saudi Arabia to find out about the track in Jeddah in 2021.

The decision to allow only the five lapped cars to drive between Hamilton and Verstappen at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix caused the biggest F1 controversy in history. It was like a refreshing battle. The entire world saw F1’s youngest ever champion, Max Verstappen. People will remember this day for a long time.

Apart from the last laps of the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, other issues are on the agenda.

The key points of F1 controversies in 2022.

F1 Sprint, Brazilian Grand Prix 2021 by F1 official
F1 Sprint, Brazilian Grand Prix 2021 by F1 official

Controversial sprint races.

The F1 sprint qualifying format debuted on the Silverstone circuit in 2021. There were three sprint races in Formula 12021 season: the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, the Italian Grand Prix at Monza and the Brazilian Grand Prix at Sao Paulo.

A special sprinting rules allow the drivers to push hard for maximum speed. It brought the new brilliance to the championship battle without changing the pit and tires for 17 laps. F1 teams from the middle of the grid took advantage of the opportunity for pole position at the start of the race on Sunday. Thus, Scuderia Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz finished the sprint race in Brazil in third place.

Focal point.

The F1 sprint race format means a higher risk for the driver and for every team. The start and the following four corners are the most dangerous to be involved in an accident. After the second sprint race in Monza, many drivers faced a laborious task. They said that it was impossible not to take risks in the sprint qualifying race, but the risk is not worth it. Pierre Gasly caught his front wing at the rear of Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren. The wing got under Gasly’s front wheels. The Frenchman crashed into the guardrail.

Since it is a good show, the Formula 1 sprint race is a waste of money for the teams. Compensation in the event of a crash implies a payment of $75,000 from Formula 1 management to cover the cost of participation. The team that sustained significant damage in one of the additional races will spend up to $200,000 more over their budget cap limit per round. It is not profitable compared to the cost of a Formula 1 car.

Most F1 fans were excited about innovations. Formula 1 management increased the number of sprint races from three to eight in the 2022 season. After a while, they reduced the number to six official sprint races. Recent disputes brought the new round of F1 controversy. This time, famous Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari claimed their cars would take the place in six sprint races, only with extra money on top of the budget cap, at £103m per team.

Formula 1 and the FIA are unwilling to accommodate those financial demands to meet these financial demands and have agreed on the three sprint races in the Formula 1 calendar in 2022. Austria, Brazil and Imola officially organize F1 sprint races.

While there is still the possibility that there will be no sprints at all in the Formula 1 season in 2022, the disputes continue.

18-inch Pirelli tires
Aston Martin AMR 22

Conversion from 13-inch to 18-inch tires.

The new era in Formula 1 implies a completely new look for Formula 1 cars – more stylish design and even faster speed. The switch from 13-inch tires to 18-inch Pirelli tires has caused new F1 controversy. Bigger sizes are more relevant. 18-inch Pirelli tires added a real fresh look to the cars, as you can see in the new Aston Martin AMR 22. The other advantage of the innovation is that they should increase the average speed of the car. Will the Formula 1 car be faster in 2022 than in 2021? It’s long been controversial.

Although Pirelli’s head, Mario Isola warns that there will be no other way to change Formula 1’s existing 13-inch tire sizes, even if the teams are unhappy with the 18-inch tires.

Focal point.

Besides the refreshed look of F1 cars 2022, the drivers and teams faced further problems. Sebastian Vettel, for example, already noted during the tests of the new Aston Martin that big tires make the visibility to the front even worse. Drivers already have poor visibility to the front. It will be a case of the additional difficulties in traffic.

For F1 teams, new 18-inch Pirelli tires mean that their previously collected data on working 13-inch will go to the bin. Thousands of developments will not be necessary as the new tires will require new technologies. It would not be an enormous loss for first-teams such as Mercedes, Red Bull or Scuderia Ferrari, but it will have a negative impact on the other as Hass, Williams or Alfa Romeo.

However, Mclaren F1 team is already preparing for the new Pirelli tires and has invested heavily in innovation. One expects McLaren to do the best with 18 inch tires.

F1 controversy Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2021
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2021

Endless F1 controversy over regulation.

Although the FIA Special Investigation Commission for the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix still has time to determine the outcome, F1 fans needed some conclusions before the start of the 2022 season, and they soon got them. On the same day that the Scuderia Ferrari unveiled its new car for 2022, FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem made the announcement. Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas from the WEC and DTM Championship will take their place as F1 race directors. Herbie Blash will join as a Permanent Senior Advisor.

Will Michael Masi save the post of Formula 1 race director? is no longer a question. However, new F1 2022 provide that F1 teams can contact Race Control in private mode. Why are these measures and what will be the additional changes in the structure of the FIA? These are questions that need to be answered soon.

Michael Masi by F1 official
Former F1 race director Masi, F1 official

Michael Masi is the former F1 race director.

Masi was the glorious hero of the headlines and the person at the epicenter of the F1 controversy. His decision in the last laps of the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix stole the world title from Lewis Hamilton on the one hand, and on the other it offered the public a genuine show with the intrigue. There is no definitive opinion.

Focal point.

The former F1 race director has as many defenders as opponents. It seemed impossible to keep Masi in position after such a controversial mistake. It would have negatively affected the image of Formula 1 image. First, the negative impact that we experienced from the Mercedes team and the silence of Lewis Hamilton. As a very predictable result, Masi resigned as F1 race director. But there are still F1 controversy on. There was no obvious reason to sack Masi, and it is not fair in human terms. Michael got the new role in racing. Sure, it’s not the step up, but he’s got the job.

Despite the sudden announcement of Mohammed Ben Sulayem, there are another key changes to F1 2022 and, also contentious.

Hidden connection with race control. Structure and regulations.

Mercedes F1 team principal Toto Wolff has already admitted that the relationship between the teams and the race director in Abu Dhabi is out of kilter. The option should no longer be available, the radio should be private. How will F1 teams, drivers and FIA conduct the real-time dialogue in the future? Who will be responsible for this and in what order? These are also central questions in the F1 controversy.

Key changes F1 2022

Focal point.

In a rush to give Formula 1 a splendor by adding the elements of show, drama and action, the framework of racing becomes blurred. It still needs a component of extraordinary privacy that inspires us the most with order. The f1 fans need a clear picture of what is happening right now. F1 TV provides the whole situation. Although the connection between the teams and Race Control will be a private mode, we will lose the sense of key moments on the track.

Netflix tried to film the genuine drama instead of sporting components, which meant that not all F1 fans took the series seriously, and some teams and drivers declined the offer to take part in filming. Although, no matter how seriously racing fans take it, viewership is still rising because of the same dramas we see on “Drive to Survive.”

The extraordinary secret is more important than the show for old Formula 1 fans. The actual show, like Netflix, attracts more and more new fans.

Controversy is an integral part of Formula 1.

It’s hard to imagine that the entire world would write so loudly about Formula 1 ten or fifteen years ago. Winners used to make headlines. Michael Schumacher was like a real baron. Kimi Raikkonen made the loud stories. After all, no one could imagine that Formula 1 drivers like Lewis Hamilton today lead all these headlines directly.

Each coin has two sides, as they say, and Formula One is now more than just a racing sport, it is a huge culture with its own rules. Formula One audiences are growing by the day. Social media like Reddit, Instagram and Twitter came to racing with a very different but important sense. There are new opinions and Formula One management is paying close attention to the public.

Every action at the Grand Prix under the gaze of millions of spectators has its consequences and can become another F1 controversy. But only broad discussions and different opinions force Formula 1 to develop. As a result, we see new regulations, other actions and new controversies. It is a continuous process, but it is a development process.