f1 car launches 2022

F1 car launch dates 2022: Every team is ready to steal the show

New F1 Cars 2022 means the new era in Formula 1 is about to begin. Excited! Before the official presentations start, teams unveil the teasing videos and try to outdo each other. We’ve collected the F1 car launches 2022 with the latest news.

F1 cars 2022 in common features.

Although Formula 1 officially unveiled the new car in 2021, we still don’t know much. Furthermore, it’s hard to imagine the new car’s common design in the team’s favorite colors. Although, we do have common features. New Formula 1 cars are charged with F1 biofuel, 18-inch wheels, winglets and updated front wings and nose.

Unexpected W13, Mercedes F1 car 2022.

Scheduled date: 18 February.

Mercedes F1 Team became the fourth team, which announced the f1 car launches 2022 dates. W13 will be presented on February 18. Expect the new Mercedes F1 car to change colors: from black to silver, a more traditional suit for the team. Perhaps the difficult situation has repercussions, but there is still no news on whether Lewis Hamilton will stay in Formula 1 in 2022 or who will replace the seven-time F1 World Champion at Mercedes. The latter looks more like a rumor, as all the experts stated that Lewis Hamilton has even more reasons to continue and we also join the point.

Meanwhile, the FIA Special Commission is investigating the incident during the final laps of the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The results of Michael Masi’s work are also under scrutiny. The details will be announced in the same week that the Formula 1 testing starts. In any case, Lewis Hamilton’s new team-mate George Russell is already ready for the new F1 2022.

F1 car launches 2022, Red Bull Rb 18
Red Bull F1 social media

Red Bull F1, brand new RB18!

Scheduled date: 9 February.

In Red Bull F1 racing decided not to delay too long with the new F1 car launches 2022. When Aston Martin was the first team to unveil the new car, it was decided to take the lid off the new RB18 on February 9!

In the 2021 Formula One season, the youngest ever F1 world champion Max Verstappen drove the super-fastest RB 16. Contrary to expectations, Red Bull will present the RB18. The key question “Where is the RB17?,” the team stretched out their hands, which means that the RB17 will not exist. Red Bull even promises Formula 1 fans that they will remember the launch of the new car for the time being. It will be a very unusual event. Knowing Red Bull, they know how to surprise. Both drivers, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, have already started to prepare for the new racing season.

Ferrari F1

“Mr. Incognito,” the new F1 car of the Scuderia Ferrari

Scheduled date: 17 February.

The Prancing Horses team will present the car the day before the launch of Mercedes F1 on February 17. In the team they try to keep the information secret. As always, the Scuderia Ferrari goes into detail with a particular flair. The new car was named F1-75 for the 2022 Formula 1 season. 2022 the team celebrates its 75th anniversary. What has been leaked in the media is that it is possible that new Ferrari F1 car 2022 could be presented in non-traditional colors. Whether they meant the more intense red color or completely different colors, the information is kept secret. Scuderia Ferrari driver line-up, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are preparing to return to racing.

Aston Martin F1 car 2022, the goal is to be the first.

Scheduled date: 10 February.

It seems Aston Martin has decided to start first after the team finished seventh in the 2021 Formula 1 season. Aston Martin’s team owner Lawrence Stroll believes the team will bring more victories in a new era. So why delay too long! Aston Martin F1 Car 2022 will be released on 10 February. The event will be streamed from Gaydon – the team’s headquarters. Lance Stroll and four-time F1 champion Sebastian Vettel are already preparing, while the team principal changes. Otmar Szafnauer has left the role.

Alpine F1 car 2022
Alpine F1 content pool

Alpine F1 new car, the unpredictable colors.

Scheduled date: 21 February.

The most important question for Alpine F1 is in which colors their new A522 will be launched? After a series of unpleasant events, there is the possibility that ALpine will match the pink colors through the new BWT sponsor. It is quite clear that there is a staff reshuffle. So after the departure of team manager Cyril Abiteboul, Alain Prost left the team. That was not a good situation. In addition, the managing director Marcin Budkowski left the role. Too many moves! Nevertheless, it will not prevent the presentation of new cars with the same Alpine driver line-up. Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon are looking forward to the A522, which will be launched on 21 February.

Alpha Tauri AT03 charged with motivation.

Scheduled date: 21 February.

Alpha Tauri has done a good job in the 2021 Formula 1 season: the team finished sixth in the constructors “standings. Despite Honda’s retirement from Formula One, Alpha Tauri will continue to use the same engines as its older sister Red Bull. The new AT03 will be released on 14 February, but there is no additional information. There are no major changes in the team.

Franz Tost is leading the Alpha Tauri with the same driver line-up. Brave Pierre Gasley and Yuki Tsunoda will continue to push to the limit. Gasley spent the best season of 2021 hoping for more wins in a new era. While Yuki Tsunoda needs more experience, both drivers are already ready to open new Formula 1 2022 calendar.

Alfa Romeo C42 keeps us waiting.

Scheduled date: 27 February.

As you know, the Formula 1 pre-season tests will start from 23 to 25 February, while the scheduled date for the new Alfa Romeo F1 car 2022 is 27 February. This means that the team will keep the world waiting and will come to the tests in a makeshift suit. Alfa Romeo used this option as early as 2020. Also, the C32 car came to the tests in temporary colors. Although the team has a lot of events planned for 27 February, there is an official announcement on social media in the morning with photos and videos. The live stream broadcasts the official press conference with team bosses and drivers.

Alfa Romeo driver line-up changed in an unpredictable way. Former Mercedes driver and Lewis Hamilton’s team-mate Valtteri Bottas joined the Alfa Romeo. Kimi Raikkonen retired from the team and the whole of Formula 1 after 2021. Despite the loud arguments surrounding Antonio Giovinazzi, he could not save his place in the team, but reamins as the reserve driver. The younger Chinese F1 driver did not come to Alfa Romeo empty-handed, but brought the good sponsorship money into the team. All Chinese Formula One fans love their star and hope to see Zhou on the podium in the 2022 season.

McLaren MCL 36, ready to argue for victory

Scheduled date: 11 February.

Step by step, the F1 team is moving in the right direction. McLaren had a fantastic season in 2021 and finished fourth in the constructors’ standings, ahead of Alpine! That’s where team principal Zak Brown hopes the new MCL 36 by Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo will race at the top in a new era and you can’t argue with him. A few teaser photos on the official Instagram gave fans a glimpse of what the new Mclaren F1 car looks like.

Haas F1 launches 2022
Haas F1 car 2022 / Haas F1 official

Haas VF-22 filled up with surprises.

Scheduled date: 4 February

Just one day before the event – Thursday, February 8- the Haas F1 Team announced new F1 car launch dates 2022! They immediately overtook two Formula 1 teams: Red Bull and Aston Martin, leaving Williams on the other side of the grid as the last team.

The Formula 1 team had to sacrifice with 2021 season to prepare enough for the new era. Günter Steiner and his team have been making great efforts to find new sponsors throughout the year. Furthermore, Haas F1 driver line-up didn’t change on same reasons. Nikita Mazepin and Mick Schumacher was a great goal – in 2021 to adapt to the car and to each other. Perhaps, the sacrifice by the team wasn’t in vain and Haas F1 also has chances to get into top five, rather to racing at the tail of the grid. It comes with the sense due to Formula 1 new regulations and coming the new era.

The hurried Williams F1 team.

Williams F1 was the last team to announce the F1 car launches 2022, so hopefully it won’t be a bad sign for Williams ahead of the new 2022 Formula 1 season. On 15 February at 1300 GMT, we will see the new FW44 in a digital event. Team Principal Jost Capito, drivers Nicholas Latifi and Alex Albon are delighted to present the new FW44. While Nicholas will spent his third season with Williams, Alex Albon had a lucky draw after a year on the bench as Red Bull and AlphaTauri’s reserve pilot. George Russell had to take the liberty of embarking on the new path of his dream career – driving for Mercedes F1. former Williams F1 driver will be Lewis Hamilton’s team-mate in the 2022 season.

F1 car launches 2022

MercedesMercedes-AMG F1 W13February 18
Red BullRed Bull RB18February 9
FerrariF1-75February 17
McLarenMcLaren MCL36February 11
AlpineAlpine A522February 21
AlphaTauriAlphaTauri AT03February 14
Aston MartinAston Martin AMR22February 10
WilliamsFW44February 15 
Alfa RomeoC42February 27
HaasHaas VF-22February 4