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CV on F1 Sprint race at Silverstone, not understandable but funny!

Silverstone F1 sprint race is an absolute novelty for Formula 1, and it is quite hard understandable. Seems a very simple sprint race in practice to could be a very tough challenge. Motorsports experts have opposite predictions about the new Formula 1 qualifying format. Anyway, 140 thousand F1 fans have gathered in the grandstands to evaluate the first ever sprint race and did not have to get bored!

What is Silverstone sprint race?

The sprint race at Silverstone is the first short race on Saturday to debut at the 2021 British Grand Prix and decide the grid for Sunday’s race. F1 qualifying sessions will also remain in place, but will postpone Friday and determine the starting grid for the sprint race.

F1 sprint race is a tricky offer.

The main aim of F1 sprint race at Silverstone is to give the drivers on the middle grid the opportunity to collect points and take the good position on the starting grid.

Formula 1 drivers can therefore use any type of tire, depending on the weather, and they can pursuit to maximize the car’s acceleration. No pit stop is required in the sprint race. F1 sprint lasts just 25 minutes.

The greatest nervousness from the command bridge is the loss of valuable positions. Red Bull team principal Christian Horner therefore nervously twitched his leg when Sergio Perez flatted out. Hoping for a fifth place on the grid, the Mexican goes into the race last. That is the price of haste!

Sergio Perez flat out on F1 sprint race
Sergio Perez flat out on F1 sprint race

But not everything is as bleak as it might seem. George Russell’s composure and a kind of steel nerve have led him to defend his position in the top 10. At the end of qualifying, he was eighth, started as eighth in Silverstone F1 sprint races and finished his short race with plus 1 position. Thus, Williams’ driver George Russell starts from a ninth place into the British Grand Prix 2021. Not bad Silverstone sprint race for the Williams, right?

Silverstone sprint race and opportunities for drivers, in fact:

The short F1 sprint provides the best starting position for the British Grand Prix. Max Verstappen took advantage of this opportunity without losing a fraction of a second. He quickly oriented himself to the first corner and overtook Hamilton. However, according to the unofficial version, Lewis Hamilton won the sprint race at Silverstone because he was faster than others, but… 25 minutes of racing allow only the position, not the time during the rush.

One wonders why? In terms of time, he showed the best laps and fastest sectors at Silverstone Grand Prix. However, one of the two Mercedes drivers demands more power via radio. His engine is still not enough to overtake Max. The first Silverstone F1 sprint race ended with the following results: Verstappen is first, Hamilton -2, Bottas -3. Insidious 25 minutes! Max Verstappen becomes the first winner of the first F1 sprint, as they say!

Driver of the day or it works!

Alpine F1 driver Fernando Alonso did not miss the opportunity to show who is who on the track. If there is a driver of the day to be nominated in the Formula One sprint race, it would definitely be Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard qualified eleventh, but sprinted at the maximum capacity of the car and will start the race from seventh place after having regained up to four positions. He could have driven higher, but the power of Alpine compared to his previous team behind the wheel of Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo was not enough to overtake. Norris 5, Ricciardo 6, Alonso 7.

It is not for beginners!

Nikita Mazepin proved once again that this format is not for beginners. And of course not for those who are unsure, as in the case of Bottas. Valteri meanwhile missed his mega-chance for second place. Fin reacted perfectly from third on the grid and had every opportunity to beat Max Verstappen, but hesitated.

Silverstone Grand Prix qualifying results
Silverstone Grand Prix qualifying results

Qualifying vs F1 Sprint.

Formula 1 qualifying is the best way to determine the fastest lap. While the F1 sprint race is a great opportunity to give away grid positions. The driver cannot take the place in qualifying simply because the rival in front of him has made mistakes. Everyone has to be quick to indicate the green time sectors.

Sprint race classification
Sprint race classification

It is a tough game for the nerves and also for the car! The first ever Silverstone sprint race was a real “fight for survival,” where many things depend on luck during the heated race!

Formula 2 already uses the sprint racing format, but to be part of Formula 1 requires some improvements. Reduce the laps – for example.

It is clear that it is impossible to replace Formula 1 qualification with a sprint race. Although, these two racing format complete together in the best way!

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