Gifts for Rally fans

TOP 5 Christmas Gifts Ideas for WRC Rally fans you’ll want to use.
Christmas gift. Someone says there are people who love to prize’ giving and another who loves to get gifts more than give. What to give to friends, relatives, colleagues? The question isn’t an easy one by itself. It gets even harder if one of the above is WRC rally fan. But we have the Internet, official brands shops and the Internet at hand. Let’s try to cope with this difficult task and finally choose the best gift for your WRC fans.

Of course, the best gift for a rally fan is the real rally car or tickets packages to Monaco WRC. But with these questions already to Santa Claus personally, please. Generally, all holiday gifts are divided into several categories.

1. Books and office accessories – Colleagues, friends, book lovers.

TOP 5 Christmas Gifts Ideas
1. How Not to Be a Professional Racing Driver” by Jason Plato. It seems very interesting, apparently by ratings.
Price: 12 EUR

2.  Any other S. Loeb’ books. Yes, yes, those are still very popular.
3.  “Rallying 2019 – Moving Moments” book with the best WRC photos and descriptions.

TOP 5 Christmas Gifts Ideas
TOP 5 Christmas Gifts Ideas

Price: 50 EUR
In that case, if your rally fan does like to read but loves to looking and touching motorsport pictures more, then we will certainly go to the store McKlein Publishing
There you could find some other books and beautiful calendars for 2020.

Why all of that?

Why all of that? Books will be always popular, no matter is it paper or e-book. The synonymous with the book is knowledge and it’s important, if it has beautiful pictures or photos, then it will be more interesting to use.
Other good books you could find on What kind of books Formula 1 drivers read?

TOP 5 Christmas Gifts Ideas
TOP 5 Christmas Gifts Ideas

2. Games – friends, family, gamers

Games are best given in collections. Collections of the best WRC, WRC gold collections. No matter what anyone says, but even the PC, PS, Box game is nice to take in hand: it would be more good to have a nice package.
WRC 8 Deluxe Edition PS4 Game. Nice box includes:
*the game
*a collector Steelbook (metallic box)
* 3months free access to WRC+ All Live
*3 historical cars as in-game bonus
* Career Mode boost.
Price: 79 EUR
WRC Collection FIA World Rally Championship on Microsoft official
The 3 seasons of World Rally Championship in the WRC Collection, which includes WRC 5, WRC 6, and WRC 7, as well as additional content.
Price: 90 USD
Something similar you could find in the Official PS store.

Why all of that?

The main goal fo any racing game is emotional experiences. So no hesitation, this gift will do a pleasant impression for a long time, especially if it’s being in a beautiful package.

3. Accessories: for colleagues, friends.

Pleasant things with a familiar WRC logo can be given to everyone.
However, it’s important to understand what a person really needs and wants. There is a mug that will be a pleasant surprise for one, at the same time the other has a dozen of them standing idle.
Previously I wrote about Black Friday’s big sale on WRC official store. Now prices have risen, but you still can find some useful accessories for WRC fans there.

Why all of that?

The familiar logo always reminds of important moments and precious people. But it works only if accessories are really needed.

4. About DVD and Personal gifts.

 It’s not necessary to give the DVD with Rally racing, only if it’s a favorite movie of your WRC fan. So DVDs records will be gathering dust on the shelf. Why? We use modern technology in life and work, most people simply don’t have time to watch the records. It became unnecessary after the WRC All Live subscription. This is such an individual gift that better to do without experiments.
It’s not necessary to experiment with personal gift things. I don’t know as people say in the South – West, but in most countries, personal things to give isn’t accepted. It’s something like socks, underwear, and shirts, things close to the body.
We in some cities have even special signs in this regard.

TOP 5 Christmas Gifts
TOP 5 Christmas Gifts

5. Rally cars models – colleagues

Of course, any WRC rally fan dreams about the real rally car for Christmas, but as I said before, it’s Santa Claus’ area question.  Rally car models can be really very beautiful,  like Hyundai Rally car models and Toyota Yaris models. Last one looking very good. You can find a lot of Rally car models on WRC official . But if going to give some good Christmas gift to Toyota fan, so look at their official shop.
Price: 50 – 500 EUR

Why all of that?

In fact, such a valuable gift will be a good present to everyone who likes WRC Rally racing or just a fan of the rally racing. It doesn’t need special care, the pleasure for hands and eyes. You can put it in the workplace and recall your best champion in a free minute.