How to choose the best gift for Formula 1 fan? 5 Tips ahead of Black Friday

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F1 official store

Best gift: 5 Tips ahead of Black Friday

What is the best gift for a Formula 1 fan, you ask, because Black Friday is to soon. Also, how important is it to find the present that would inspire the person and to offer the best memories, especially when it comes to Formula 1! Sometimes the gift for a Formula 1 fan can be too insignificant or too vulgar when the F1 fan is your boss. I collect the most important tips so that you don’t hesitate any more about what to give. Hope this will provide you new gift ideas for Formula 1 fans before Black Friday begins.

  1. Expectation vs reality
  2. What gifts people usually buy to Formula 1 fans? 
  3. What are Formula One fans waiting for as a gift?
  4. What kind of gifts should not be made?
  5. Where to buy?

Expectation vs reality

During the lockout, we have more opportunities to buy something special for Formula 1 fans as many stores have switched to online service. While fewer capabilities to find the right size. So even the best gifts go hand in hand with this one old meme about “expectation vs reality”

best gift for Formula 1 fan
expectation vs reality 

Tip 1: Avoid buying gifts according to special sizes.

For example, there are plenty of oversized clothes on the official Formula 1 shop.
T-shirts, sweaters and oversized jackets are a good idea, pants and belts are bad. It is not unnecessary to look at the size of the gift before buying: even the cover is just a towel.

What gifts people usually buy to Formula 1 fans?

Conditionally all gifts can be divided on presents that fans want to receive and what people normally give. 
Keychains, caps, pens, t-shirts, and other small things: to give many small items even these have F1 marking is wrong. 
People are not always willing to spend large amounts and a lot time on memorabilia gifts. However, the opposite is same, when it comes to deluxe editions. 
In this case you have to find out which racing team or driver is favorite for Formula 1 fan whom you’ll going to present the best gift. 

Tip 2: Find out which Formula One team or driver is favorite.

Formula One fans’ particular feeling.

This year Lewis Hamilton became seven-time Formula 1 World Champion. Official shops offer special merchandise for the occasion. 

These clothes and accessories have a special meaning for all Lewis fans: Even t-shirts are not just t-shirts.

Tip 3: Be prepared not to spend too much.

The accessories with the logo for the 70th anniversary are the best gifts for all Formula 1 fans who have been following Formula One races for many years.


Where is the best gift for Formula One fans to buy?  

The easiest way is to buy them in the official shop, but sometimes people are not ready to wait. Meanwhile, other online shops are ready to make F1 merchandise available as soon as possible. The other problem is not knowing what you’re looking for when Black Friday starts.

Tip 4: Know what you’re going to present as soon as possible.

Then you already know what you can buy, you don’t have time to search. Here’s why this post is coming. Here are some points you need to know to choose the best gift for Formula 1 fan: What is the favorite Formula 1 team? Driver? Circuit? How long your fan has been following Formula 1 racing? Just take a note and tell this information to shop seller.
best gift
Formula 1 Japan Grand Prix fans 2019

What kind of presents to don’t give to Formula 1 fan? 

F1 fans don’t have the worst gifts (only if they’re the haters of a competing F1 team). The worst gift is the most unnecessary gift. Ugly bags, unnecessary key chains, tasteless, clothing and vulgar car accessories are among them.

Tip 5: Don’t chase Black Friday sales.

Even if it looks very profitable, many goods that have no particular meaning or will never be useful in everyday life are the worst way to spend the money.
best gift
Best gift : Formula 1 history book

What are Formula One fans waiting for as a gift?

Usually the most coveted gifts are the most popular: a collector’s edition of video games, a Formula 1 car model, access to a TV streaming service. Also, you can give nice little things: clothing and “Deluxe Edition” books. 
Remember that the gift should be necessary and awaited. 
best gift
Best Gift: F1 2020 game. Schumacher Deluxe Edition

Don’t worry about the price.

Statistics show that everyone will spend less money on gifts this year, so don’t chase the price. Understand what an Formula 1 fan wants as a gift before chasing a profitable buy. After all, what is the use of a discount on a gift that is not needed.