Best gift for race fans guide

How To Choose The Best Gift For Race Fans Guide

Choosing a present for race fans could be a challenge, as finding the best gift for F1 fans or rally fanatics is not a simple task. Thus, it depends on many factors. Sometimes, however, it is not the money, but the creativity that matters. We have compiled all the information to help you choose the very best present for the passionate car racing enthusiast. So you can take our ideas into account for Christmas, Black Friday, the New Year, or any other celebration.

How To Find Up With The Best Gift For Race Fans

Motor racing is becoming increasingly popular every day. As a result, there are many fans all over the world. Therefore, Therefore, vast organizations have opened special stores, like the FIA World Rally Championship official shop or The F1 Authentics. The problem is that there are so many authentic and unique items to choose from. Therefore, you are always at risk of buying something really useless or buying everything, wasting too much time and money. It won’t happen if you follow our steps and choose the right gift for your friend who loves racing.

FIve steps to find the best gift for race fans

Total Time Needed :



Required Tools:

– A Computer and Google

Things Needed?

– A pen and a blank sheet.

Decide on the price of the gift.
Find out what a racing fan needs.
Figure out the racing fan’s unique story.
Determine how much time you have.
Explore where you can buy a gift for a race fan.

gifts for race fans - money issue

Step 1: Decide on the price of the gift.

As strange as it sounds, the first thing that you need to decide is how much you are willing to spend on a racing gift. Although you don’t have to know the ultimate cost, it’s helpful to keep the price frames.

Price ranges from $5 to $5000 for racing fan gifts. This can be a small present, a memorable trinket for $20, or a very rare autograph or even a helmet replica for about $3000.

Focusing only on the gift itself would be a bad idea. Choosing the right present for an F1 fan or rally fan will be easier when you focus on the budget.

Last but not least, keep in mind the shipping costs. Some online shops, like in Red Bull Racing, charge an additional fee based on the weight of the item. Consequently, some sizes presents may cost a pretty penny. For example, items weighing more than 2 kilograms require a shipping fee of $100. Please keep that in mind and don’t forget to read the rules and regulations in the “Shipping & Delivery” mark.

How do we cope with this?

In this step, we take a blank sheet and write in columns all of our race fans for whom we will buy gifts.
Then, we estimate the budget.
We decide whether it will be a memorable gift or just a small present, including the possible shipping fees.
Thus, the more money we have, the more expensive gifts we can buy for everyone. And vice versa, 
less money we have, the more people on our list will get small presents.

Racing fans gift what is the ideal present
Step 2: Find out what a racing fan needs.

Once we have figured out the price frame, we can start asking the fundamental questions. Ask yourself, “Who is the race fan?” before you buy them a gift. Fairly, anyone!
A passion for motorsport unites people of different ages and professions from all over the world. Nevertheless, they are fanatics in the best sense, as it filled their weekends with Grand Prix, races, and rallies. These challenges cover at least three days a week with slight breaks. Their favorite travel destination is the racing circuit.

There are many other things race fans do in their lives besides these. You need to figure out the particular needs and wants of the person, and here is the question that can help you.

What does your race fan do in life? Are they the company’s seller or CEO? PR manager or stay-at-home parent? A car mechanic or a student? The driver or the blogger?

Because, it is a good idea to give a student a backpack or drawstring bag with his or her favorite team’s logo. While it will be a bit weird to give a similar present to your boss.

How do we cope with this?

We identify exactly what and who is doing what. For example, one of our friends enjoys traveling. That would be a great idea to give him a flask or a handsome travel bag with the logo of his favorite team.
A friend of ours is the CEO of a small company and he is a devotee of Max Verstappen. So he will be happy with gloves or a cap with Verstappen’s signature.
One of our friends is a teacher. She is a fan of Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes. So, a stylish daily planner with Mercedes’ logo would be an amazing gift idea for her.

Therefore, you have to find out what your friends, relatives, boss, colleague, or any other racing admirer does in life. It is helpful to find the best gift for a race fan

gifts for race fans - story
Step 3: Figure out the racing fan’s unique story.

Yes, it is the most useful advice that we got during the rush for all types of Christmas gifts two years ago. Every fan has a story of turning from a common person into a passionate race fan. There could be an unexpected trip, or just changing the channel on the TV to Formula 1 racing or NASCAR, anything could happen. It will still be a story involving the favorite driver and the team, filling every fan with immense emotion.
Before purchasing any gift or present, be sure to check out this story.

Be careful

However, as you might hear it from the fan for a very long time, repeating every detail over and …..over again.

Serching racing gifts - time
Step 4: Determine how much time you have.

We highly recommend you to make your online shopping before the two weeks of any celebration at least. In addition, we do not recommend taking less than a week if there is no “express delivery” mark.
First of all, there is a real rush around big dates like Christmas and New Year’s. The second reason is a delay in delivery due to unforeseen circumstances. Thus, you always need to keep in mind something like force majeure when you buy gifts via web stores.

How do we cope with this?

The month and week before the event, we rush to brainstorm ideas. The week we need to compile all the ideas and make a decision and the month for delivery

racing gifts shops
Step 5: Explore where you can buy a gift for a race fan.

We prefer to buy items via web stores, but the official store is also a worthwhile idea, especially when you have no time. Although there can be fewer choices. On the eve of major celebrations, the variety of gifts may be even more limited to race fans. In any case, you can find rare and memorable items in online stores.
Each racing series has an official store: whether it’s Formula 1 or WRC rally or DTM and NASCAR. So, you can find the official stores and meet their shipping and delivery regulations.

The second way is to find the team’s official store. Previously, we discussed the Red Bull Racing F1 team. You can try something unique in the Toyota Gazoo Racing team’s merchandise shop or even in the Scuderia Ferarri fashion store, depending on your preference. The last one is more about fashionistas and expensive things. Got the idea?

A third option is to buy racing merchandise on the official racing circuit’s website. For example, the iconic Nurburgring circuit’s official shop offers a huge collection of merchandise for race fans.
Fourth option is to find something interesting on Amazon or Ebay.

How do we cope with this?

We used Formula 1 and WRC’s official stores as well as bought some items on Amazon and Ebay. Honestly, we liked all the methods. Our observation is that the prices on the official stores are higher. But everything came together when the season’s sales started. Then, there is a high probability of getting something at a good price.

The problem is that we intended to write “How to choose the best gift”, instead of “How to find”, but understood that there cannot be one best gift for all racing fans. Because each race devotee has his own unique story about car racing. Therefore, knowing this story is the key to coming up with the most thoughtful gift for the racing fan and it is the number one advice.

Race fans gift ideas for Christmas
Photo by Pavol Duracka

Choosing The Best Gift For F1 Fans, Rally enthusiast advice

Now that you know the budget, the race fan’s needs as well as their favorite team and driver, it’s time to figure out the gifts. We therefore gathered all our most helpful tips to help you understand what the best present would be for F1 fans, rally enthusiast, or any other racing fan.

#1. Be attentive to the size of the motorsport gifts

There are a few types of race fan gifts: e-gifts, accessories, wear, games, car models, and art pieces. When it comes to earning income from racing merchandise, clothes are the most profitable item for any racing team. We agree, because these are trending, popular, and memorable, but…

If you aren’t 100 percent certain of the size, it’s probably not a great idea. It may end up being a story about expectations vs reality.

Gift ideas for race fans

For example, there are plenty of oversized clothes in the official Formula 1 shop. Thus, T-shirts, sweaters and oversized jackets are a good idea. If you don’t clarify the sizes, the pants and belts might not fit. It will also be helpful to examine the size of each gift before buying it, even if it’s just a cover or towel.

The same applies to heritage and expensive gifts. As an example, F1 helmet replica. Even a small replica can be very expensive. Keep this in mind.

We don’t recommend buying underwear for a person whom you don’t know well. It may come with a bit of a weird situation. We’re sure it will be funny to give such a gift to your old friend. However, it may turn into an awkward pause if you give it to your boss. Instead, buy an e-gift card, where the person can choose what to buy.

#2. There is no discernible difference between race fans’ gifts for him and for her.

When dealing with racing gifts, we’d looked through thousands of items in official stores and noticed one distinguishing factor: “no difference between for her and for him” items. The exception pertains to clothes of different sizes. Unlike most t-shirts, sweatshirts are unisex. When you catch yourself thinking ‘no, he won’t wear that pink colored cap with Lewis Hamilton’s signature’ or ‘this t-shirt or cup has too rough a style for her,’ forget these inner thoughts right away.

The truth is that all colors are branded. So race fans, either they love small trinkets, or whatever, with their brand colors because they remind them of their passion for motor racing. That’s the point. Sure, when it comes to size, the t-short for her will look better on the woman. Although, due to recent fashion trends, both options are acceptable.

Race fans gift ideas

Obviously, this point is completely based on personal preferences, including favorite drivers and teams. Everything else is just small things.

#3. Take attention to e-gifts.

A gift card is designed to be used when you are stuck for gift ideas. Everything seems to have been bought and you aren’t surprised by anything. Giving a gift card is the right option. Each nominal allows race fans to choose their own present.

WRC Giftcard rally fans gift
WRC Giftcard

We came across this idea in a different way. When it comes to formal relationships, gift cards are a valuable option for colleagues and bosses. Just believe, there is no better way to ruin a relationship than to present a bad gift. When you know superficially who you want to give a racing gift to, you can give an e-gift card.

In any case, the more personal the gift, the happier the race fan will be.

#4. About expensive gifts for race fans

F1 fans gift ideas
Daniel Ricciardo 2022 Signed Replica Race Suit, price about $5000

Honestly, out of all the stores that we’d explored, the F1 official shop is the only one in which you can find such high prices.

Thus, F1 authentics offer signed replica racing suits on average $3000 – $4 000 , boots and gloves and even car parts for about $1000.

Are these presents for F1 fanatics worth it? In short, yes, but…

If you do not know every detail of a fan’s racing preferences, we do not recommend such expensive gifts.

Imagine you spent $3000 on a signed replica of Lewis Hamilton’s suit and gave it to a colleague or someone who is a admirer of Verstappen. Just imagine his or her face full of questions. That would be epic!

We are certain that it is the appropriate present for special occasions. Also, it may be suitable for someone who runs a company or leads a team. In addition, there are other options for a thoughtful present for F1 fans.

Christmas gift ideas for race fans
Photo by Markus Spiske

#5. Do not chase the price.

Previously, we discussed the budget’s financial frames. When it comes to season sales or before Christmas or Black Friday, however, the price tags often come down. It allows you to buy rare or valuable gifts for race fans at an affordable cost, but…

When we feel that we can get a better deal for the price, we become tempted to buy things we do not really need. Because just look at how many useless items you can get if you make decisions about gifts for race enthusiast without thinking about it consciously. Just believe, everyone needs a unique and special present instead of many useless things that race fans probably won’t use.

Do not chase the price when it seems so enticing. While our questions above will give you a clear picture of the perfect gift for your dear petrolhead. So, just keep your focus on what you’re searching for and turn off all these annoying advertisements.

We’ve figured out what to give race fanatic in general, so let’s explore some gift ideas for fans of different racing series.

What gift to get for someone who likes F1?

You can get anything with their favorite team or driver’s logo for someone who likes F1. There are two main rules: the present must be useful and necessary, and it must bear a signature of the recipient’s favorite team or driver. It could be accessories, wear, or rare items.

F1 fans gifts ideas

What is a good gift for a F1 fan?

There is no single ideal gift for all Formula 1 fans.

All the gifts for F1 fanatics could be divided into the following types: popular (caps, games, wear and car models) special / heritage collections ( gloves, replicas, helmets, suits, boots), creative (art pieces, chairs, lamps, car parts), and e-gift cards. Each category includes gifts from $10- to $150, excluding special collections and e-gift cards.

Let’s check each category of Formula 1 gifts.

The popular F1 gifts: caps, games, wear, accessories

Gift ideas for race fans - umbrella
Scuderia Ferrari Compact Umbrella – Black

Pros: You can give it to anyone who likes Formula 1 racing since it is the bestseller group. The F1 game is best for teens and game lovers.

You can give F1 car models to colleagues, friends, family members, even your boss will be pleased.

Christmas is the perfect time to give a winter sweater with the favorite team’s logo to your son, brother, or boyfriend. The same is true for a cap with favorite driver’ signature

These are neutral and memorable.

Cons: no cons, but it could be less impressive if you want to give F1 fan something rare and meaningful.

The special heritage collections: F1 drivers’ gloves, replicas, helmets, suits, boots.

Pros: This is one of the most memorable gifts you can buy for an F1 fan. This is the most effective way to impress a Formula 1 lover, especially if it is about an old F1 fan, or your acquaintances: co-workers, bosses. Additionally, it can be one of the best gifts to give to a father or son.

Cons: The main con is the price, which can run up to $1000. Also there is a possibility that not every young F1 fan will find your gift idea so impressive. Therefore, before you buy an expensive gift, make sure you know the answers to the questions in our guide above.

gift for F1 fans

Creative F1 gifts: art pieces, chairs, lamps, car parts

Pros: Such items are more than just a gift with Formula 1 meaning. However, these may be an excellent gift to give to women, designers, colleagues or close friends.

Also, we recommend looking at Paul Oz’ art if you are searching for paintings of Formula 1 racing. He’s one of the most popular painters today. His canvas are very impressibe and emotional. These are available on the F1 authentic official.

Cons: It is easy to go too far and buy something that is really ugly from another person’s viewpoint. Therefore, not every F1 fan will like your creativity idea. Do not want the awkward moment? Afterward, make sure you know the recipient’s preferences before pushing the “buy” button.

gift for race fans ideas
Lotus F1 Gear Ratio Clock

The price is another significant con. Some items can reach $1000.

Gift for F1 fan book
Adrian Newey- How to build Car

Books on Formula 1.

F1 racing books are a very special item. Some of them have become legends. For example, one of the best F1 engineers, who works with the championship-winning Red Bull Racing F1 team Adrian Newey published his famous book How to Build a Car. It has inspired people all over the world, and it still tops the list of most recommended.

Pros: Books about Formula 1 you can give to… everyone. A good book about racing will be suitable for friends, family, for a son, brother, colleagues and even for your boss. Furthermore, it doesn’t cost much.

Cons: The additional fees for beautiful gift wrapping. Another con is that you can give it to someone who enjoys reading. In addition, paper books are fading away, giving way to electronic books. However, many people still like paper books. Thus, books on racing would be very helpful if your beloved race fan is one who loves reading.

Gifting an e-card to a Formula 1 fan.

Pros: This F1 gift is suitable for almost everyone: friends, family members, colleagues, teens.

Our opinion is that it is the right choice for a sister, mother, or girlfriend. Because women like to choose. The card allows them to choose what they would like as a F1 gift.

Another pros is that you can buy an e-card with that limit that you’re comfortable with.

Cons: someone said it is a bit unpersonal. But, let’s be honest it is the small things.


Furthermore, there is another way to find a gift for an F1 fan. Fernando Alonso opened his own shop KIMOA in 2017. Some items can be bought on KIMOA’s official store, but are only relevant to Alonso’s fanatics. We recommend that you keep an eye on his brand caps, which are very popular around the world.

Someone once said that the more expensive a gift is, the more valuable it is. We don’t agree, because it is fundamentally wrong. Even just a wall calendar with Formula 1 can make F1 fans very happy. But we figured out how it came about and why it relates to our topic.

Formula 1 fans gifts ideas guide
Formula 1 fans gifts ideas guide

What is the best gift for F1 fan?

The origin is that Formula 1 is a highly expensive racing sport. Even comparing their prices with those of the FIA World Rally Championship for example, or even with those of the DTM official store, the difference would be evident.

Honestly, there are a few gifts for F1 fans that can make them over the moon with happiness:

  • F1 TV Pro subscription
  • The signature of the favorite driver on the cap or on the racing item.
  • The Formula 1 fan’s favorite F1 car model in the brand’s case.
  • A grandstand ticket to the Formula 1 Grand Prix.
  • F1 car driving experience package
  • A ticket to the Formula 1 Paddock’s Club

The most expensive gifts for F1 fans.

All of these are very expensive, but the last one is just out of mind and may cost about $5000. The price covers a three-day ticket only.
Having said that if you are sure to make such an exceptional gift, you may want to check out F1 Experiences’ offers. It is an official Formula 1 partner and a popular company that provides Hospitality and Paddock Club Ticket Packages.

Race fans gift ideas F1 Paddock Club
Formula 1 Paddock Club/ photo credit: F1experineces

F1 car driving experiences are another “dream come true” for F1 fanatics, which cost… quite a lot. But if you do not mind spending $4000 – $5000, then just check your nearest racing circuit. Most tracks that hosted Formula 1 once they were accredited by the FIA offered packages that included driving sports cars, including Formula 1 cars.

Take note that such services have to be booked at least a month before the visit.

Well, if your idea of a driving experience with an F1 car doesn’t work, any F1 fan will be happy to take a drive in just about any other race car. Even a guided tour, such as Circuit Barcelona Catalunya offers, would be a nice gift for Formula 1 lover.

With a bit more knowledge, you can become an expert on gifts for Formula 1 fans. I think the topic is clear, so we can move on to rally enthusiast. You can take a deep breath, since rally racing gifts are less expensive than F1 gifts, but just a bit.

rally fans gift ideas guide

Gift ideas for rally fans

Several surveys have shown that WRC rally fans love racing and cars to the core. A lot of them are romantic and appreciate everything that reminds them of their favorite rally car, team, and destination with fascinating rally jumps.
While there are many destinations in the FIA World Rally Championship season, these are the most iconic: Rally Safari, Rally Finland, Rally Monte Carlo. This information will be helpful in brainstorming the best present for a rally fan.

How to choose gifts for rally fans?

#1. Figure out the details of rally enthusiast’ favorites.

As it was mentioned above, you have to answer the three questions.

  1. What is the fan’s favorite team and driver?
  2. What is a fan’s favorite rally?
  3. How long they been passionate about rally racing?

It is pretty clear from the first two, but the third will help you to understand how deeply passionate they are about it. For example, Colin McRae was the most legendary driver. However, WRC lovers who’ve been watching rally racing since 2015 will be thrilled to receive something unique, signed by Sébastien Loeb or Sébastien Ogier, for example. The old rally fans cheers for Marcus Grönholm, Tommi Mäkinen, and Petter Solberg. Those who have joined WRC recently are probably Kalle Rovanperä’s fans.

#2. Determine the budget.

It’s up to you to estimate how much you’re willing to spend on a present for a rally fan. It’s better to keep the budget instead of focusing on the gift only. Keep in mind that there may be additional shipping fees for delivery.

#3. Quality better quantity.

As you consider your budget and rally fan preferences, keep in mind what your petrolhead really needs. Christmas, New Year, and Black Friday are times of brisk sales. You have to remember that one thoughtful gift is better than many useless things that may not and will never be used.

#4. Avoid gifts of the wrong size

The WRC official shop offers so many items that it is impossible to list them all. Wear remains the most popular, especially t-shirts and caps. It’s okay when it comes to oversized clothes. When you don’t know the size of a rally fan, it’s better to switch to another gift idea.

#5. Prepare ahead of time.

There is a real rush leading up to big celebrations like Christmas. There is a high risk of not finding the size that you need or the color that you want or many other problems. Also there may be delays in delivery. It is always better to plan a gift for a rally fan about a month and a week before the actual celebration. In general, you should plan at least two – three weeks ahead of any memorable dates, such as a birthday or special occasion for which you are going to present a gift.

Rally cars models - gift ideas for race fans
Toyota Gazoo Racing official store

#6. Explore the shopping field.

On the official World Rally Championship store, you can purchase gifts for rally fans. Another option is to look at the official stores of current WRC teams. The first reason is that you can find a better selection there. Second, it is an excellent option for rally fans who are passionate about the only racing team rather than the World Rally Championship.

So here are the official web stores of current Motorsports teams in the FIA World Rally Championship:

Take note of their shipping and delivery policies. It will help you avoid additional expenses.

What to give to rally fan?

The rally fans gifts can be divided into several categories: car accessories, car models, accessories and wear, toys and games, art pieces and e-gift cards.

The best way to gift race car drivers who are passionate the WRC is with car accessories. Every item in the car will remind him or her of his passion.

Assemblies like a cup or a flask or even a good daily planner or towel, are thoughtful gifts for women, customers, and as memorable presents for friends and colleagues.

Another good gift idea for race fans is a model of a rally car. Therefore, a high-quality car model will be one of the best presents for a colleague, boss, son or father. It may cost a lot depending on its size.

Be careful with art pieces, as everyone has a different view of canvas and poster design. A rally picture that drives you like may not be so attractive to others. It is helpful to know the preferences of rally fans before purchasing. If the expectations are met, then it will be the finest ever gift for any WRC fan, one that will give joy for a long time.

McKlein Publishing

Also, you can buy a WRC photo book as a good gift for rally enthusiasts. In most cases it includes the most memorable and inspiring photos.

Such a present for WRC fans, as well as other race admirers, may be costly, but it will be worth it. Before buying such a book, we suggest that you check the reviews or if it is possible, see it in person.

McKlein store

Also we suggest you take a look at McKlein Publishing, which is well renowned for creating fantastic images of car racing and high quality publishers. It’s been more than 35 years since they launched their first WRC calendar. Their aim is to produce the best book possible with an emphasis on stunning visual content. For details, visit one of their McKlein Publishing stores.

Gifts for rally fans ideas - WRC game

WRC games are the best option for teens and game lovers. You may ask, “What’s the point of playing this game?” Well, everything is simple. Rally racing games give rally fans an outlet to experience their common emotions. When the races are finished, they just play the game again and again and remember how nice it feels. Thus, the games are the most sought-after gifts for rally enthusiasts, especially for Christmas or New Year, before the upcoming WRC season starts.

E-gift cards are the best when all your ideas end up. This gives fans the chance to decide what they want to buy. It may be a WRC membership or any other trinket that has meaning to the recipient.

What is the best gift for a rally fan?

  • WRC year subscription.
  • Favorite rally car model in the appropriate size
  • WRC branded accessories for traveling
  • WRC game
  • Rally racing school lesson

The last one may cost a pretty penny, but a rally racing lesson is worth every penny. Finding the right one is another challenge. Dirtfish rally racing school offers rally driving experiences, but they must be booked weeks in advance.

Besides, WRC-branded clothing is very popular. Giving an e-gift card in this manner makes sense. Be sure it works well.

What is the worst gift to race fan?

Truthfully, it’s difficult to fail with presents for racing enthusiasts, but it does happen occasionally.

In general, giving the wrong team’s item will at least upset a racing fan. Each of them has his favorite driver as well as a driver he dislikes a bit. Therefore, it might be a mistake to give Lewis Hamilton’s signed cap to Max Verstappen’s fan. Epic fail, that’s it.

Giving the same thing every year, like a cap, doesn’t look right, either.

Besides, we do not recommend buying useless things like keychains, bags, cups, cases, excluding pens, as these are always in use.

The poor quality car models are also an issue. So, when you find scratched paint or scrapes, better to return the item to the shop, do not wait when the race fan’s face will be filled up with questions due to such a gift.

Summing it up

Racing collections change every year. Race cars are designed differently, and surely branded clothing merchandise is also adding something new to the collection.

Before purchasing anything, our number one recommendation is for you to know the story of the racing enthusiast. This is because everyone remembers exactly when they became a racing freak, how and who inspired them the most. This information is the key, your satellite in making any decision on presents for any race fan. This is whether they are Nascar, DTM, WTCR, Formula 1 or WRC fanatics.

Additionally, to keep your mind cold when choosing a gift you have to:

  • Keep the budget frames
  • Remember fan’ favorite team, driver and circuit
  • Keep calm as there is always an alternative – to use the e-gift card
  • Prepare ahead of the month

You can see there are a million and one ways to buy gifts for Formula 1 lover, rally enthusiasts, or any other motorsport fans. You can find all the items you need to make race freak happy, whether you’re spending a pretty penny or a penny. The question is where and how to find it. Well, for now you have the ultimate instructions and it’s your turn to act!