Bahrain Grand Prix 2022

Bahrain Grand Prix 2022: The battles kept you on your toes until the finish!

What an exciting race weekend! During these 57 laps, we alternated between crying and laughing. “From zero to hero” is probably what you call it. Let us take a deep breath and look forward to the main battles of the Bahrain Grand Prix 2022! This is what Formula 1 race weekend at Sakhir looked like. 

The Bahrain Grand Prix 2022 qualifying.

Someone expected that the updated power units on both Scuderia Ferrari would be working well, but no one expected these would be fantastic! As a result, Charles Leclerc p1 and Carlos Sainz p2 set the fastest lap records at Sakhir racing circuit. 

Remember the results of the Williams F1 team in Formula 1 season 2021? That was extraordinary luck for their drivers to pass through in Q2! George Russell, the former Williams driver and current Mercedes driver, is called a wonder worker when the case is about Q3! Indeed, rookie Alex Albon, who got his second chance after Red Bull and a year of absence, immediately broke through into Q2. Just the way it is. 

Haas F1 didn’t expect to have any speed, but after a very loud story about Nikita Mazepin’s retirement and breaking the deal with Uralkali, they did their job. Likewise, Kevin Magnussen, who broke contracts with Cadillac and Peugeot in order to gain illusionary chances in Formula 1, simply took the wheel and figured out who was who. Magnussen was so fast, even Mick Schumacher couldn’t believe it! Kevin was confident in position number six. 

It is not clear whether Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are fighting for victory or just sandbagging. However, they are still chasing the leaders in Q1 of the Bahrain Grand Prix 2022. Moreover, Rusell is ahead of Hamilton. But, wait, who is the first driver on the Mercedes F1 team? Seven-time F1 world champion has the unusual yellow T-bar camera. Does that mean Lewis Hamilton is second after George Russell?  

Why did Lewis Hamilton have yellow T-bar camera at the Bahrain Grand Prix 2022?

Our immediate reaction was to react to any suggestion, but the reason became clear very quickly. Hamilton started the 2022 F1 season with a new helmet design, yellow. Yes, it has something in common with Lando Norris’ helmet, which symbolizes his racing team. Whatever the case, Lewis Hamilton needed the same-color T-bar camera as the most stylish man on the grid. No, he is still the number one driver at Mercedes.  

There appeared to be clear leaders, and these were not Mercedes. Leclerc, Sainz, Verstappen and Perez rounded out the top five at the end of Bahrain Grand Prix’s first qualifying session. Valtteri Bottas, Alfa Romeo’s number one driver, made an unpredictable break through by chasing Kevin Magnussen.  

It seemed a bit unfair that Haas F1 chose Kevin Magnussen instead of Nico Hulkenberg. Nico started the weekend as a replacement for positive covid-tested Sebastian Vettel (get well soon, Sebastien). But during the entire qualifying battle at Sakhir, Hulkenberg was unable to justify his hopes, as he ended the qualifying battle in 17th place.

Q2 and Q3 of the Bahrain Grand Prix 2022 broke the lines. 

At the end of the second qualifying session we were disappointed to be left behind Lando Norris on P13, Mick Schumacher P12, Alex Albon P14 and the others. McLaren started the weekend in the wrong direction, as their problematic path did not end.

Meanwhile, Kevin Magnussen P7, Valtteri Bottas P10 and Pierre Gasley P9 are still fighting like lions! The fastest Ferrari 1-2 and Red Bull 3-4 are still being chased by Red Bull and Mercedes, respectively. 

The third qualifying session of the Bahrain Grand Prix started very spirited. Mercedes are back in the game. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell drew purple sectors, overtaking previously held records. Fans of Mercedes perked up, as both Mercedes threw off their sanding bags, but it was in vain. While Kevin Magnussen faced technical problems, Ferrari managed to destroy all attempts from Mercedes. Again and again, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are like rocket fuel! 

Understanding it, Max Verstappen began to swear on his tires. It is the pits’ wave that surges on to the top 10 drivers before the final 5 minutes of the race. The only drivers without any time are Magnussen, Alonso, and Bottas. Still, Hamilton P5 and Russell P6 have not done enough to make competition against Red Bull.

Max Verstappen P2 and Sergio Perez P4 have done the hardest work to split Ferrari drivers off the starting grid for Bahrain Grand Prix 2022! Carles Leclerc is the fastest P1; Sainz is third. Kevin Magnussen, no matter what took the ovations with his seventh place finish for Sunday’s race start. 

The epic Bahrain Grand Prix 2022 as it happened. 

Red Bull against Scuderia Ferrari. 

Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell started chasing the red suits as soon as the Bahrain GP started. They accelerated like rockets. Kevin Magnussen remains in seventh place, ready to bite everyone! Zonked by Ferrari’s speed, Max Verstappen almost overtook Leclerc in turn 1, but in vain. What are these F1-75 filled with? From the other side, Mick Schumacher enters into an altercation with Esteban Ocon’ Alpine. 

On the 5/57 lap, Lewis Hamilton climbs into fourth place. Russell had blinked to Lewis and overtaken Kevin Magnussen’s Haas. There is more than three seconds gap between Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen at 11/57. From afar, Norris and Ricciardo sparkle with their Google Chrome covers: 19 and 20, respectively. Such a defeat. Dizzy by the leaders, Bottas keeps pushing forward with his teammate Guanyu Zhou 13th. 

Time to change tactics! 

Lewis Hamilton didn’t wait too long and headed out to the pits for a change of tires on the 12th lap. It took 3,4 seconds for the upgrade to complete. There is no time to waste! Alonso following the Mercedes’ example. It appears that the medium compound caused the #44 Mercedes to riot during the Bahrain Grand Prix 2022. There is “no grip!” – Lewis Hamilton calls on the team and passes Guanyu Zhou’s Alfa Romeo. 13/57 The Mercedes #44 returns to racing as usual on the 13th lap. 

After the 16/57 laps, Max Verstappen put the pedal to the metal to get ahead of Charles Leclerc, and pulled out with the fastest time: 1:36,905 seconds. But the Scuderia Ferrari driver is swaggering today. It’s not so easy to scare Leclerc. Charles returns to his number one position. Verstappen is rushing with a new lap record of 1:36,634 on the second attempt! Red Bull’s driver is flying into space like a rocket and is almost overtaking Leclerc. Charles finds extra speed and keeps the lead. The 16th to 18th laps are the most epic of Bahrain Grand Prix 2022. Max Verstappen keeps the 0,5 second gap with Leclerc. 

The McLaren of Lando Norris is miles away from the lead, but it is in the hunt for 14th place. Due to it being the richest 19th lap, Max Verstappen is confident he’ll move Lecler to second. Furious red Bull accelerating on full throttle and…. Max Verstappen is locked-up. 

“I think the third pitstop” – says a chilly Carlos Sainz. 

Sergio Perez came to Red Bull to help them against Carlos Sainz’s Scuderia Ferrari, understanding that “one cannot fight alone”. The Mexican driver sets the lap record on the 20th lap. Leclerc, Verstappen, Sainz, Perez, Hamilton, Russell, Magnussen are in the top 10. Alpine, Haas, Alpha Tauri and Alfa Romeo running, so close – that is what we need! 

Bahrain Grand Prix 2022: The second wind. 

On the 24th lap from 57 of the stunning Bahrain Grand Prix 2022, Yukio Tsunoda understands there is no time for being number two in Alpha TauTauri. He jumps to 8th position. Alfa Romeo driver Valtteri Bottas is currently the number one driver. Despite this, there is still time to get back to him on 11th place.  

On the 28th lap Lewis Hamilton dared to launch the second “pits wave”. The medium compound is the right choice and falls to the 8th position. Max Verstappen followed that example by pitting on the 31st lap. No doubts, medium compound works well at Sakhir racing circuit. Sergio Perez continues to find the purple sectors! Orange grandstands are rejoicing! 

“Box, box!” – Scuderia Ferrari calls Charles Leclerc to his second pitstop on the same 31st lap. Leclerc got medium compound, and stopped in just 2,5 seconds – the fastest upgrade! Charles is pulling out onto the track a second ahead of Max Verstappen! Red Grandstand cheers Scuderia Ferrari!  Angry Max Verstappen was indignant. What is inside this SF-75 Ferrari? Despite the fact that there is more than half the distance of the Bahrain Grand Prix 2022, it is still impossible to overtake Charles Leclerc! 

Lewis Hamilton added power as we got closer to the finish and overtook Pierre Gasley for 7th. Position. Kevin Magnussen proves Haas made the right decision and jumps into the top 6! 

“Free to push” – Max Verstappen got clear instructions from the Red Bull team. Carlos Sainz rushed to the third pitstop and pulled Geroge Russell for himself. 

The Alpine team overtook their teammate Fernando Alonso on the 34th lap; both drivers are in the top 10.

Bahrain Grand Prix 2022, the final breakthrough.

On the 40th lap, Yukio Tsunoda doesn’t satisfy his desire to move closer to teammate Pierre Gasly. The Japanese driver overtakes Fernando Alonso’s Alpine for 10th place. Spanish driver starts 41 laps in 11th place. 

On the 44th lap of the Bahrain Grand Prix 2022, Lando Norris changed the tires to soft; this was the end of the weekend for McLaren. Max Verstappen continues to follow as there is still a chance of moving the annoying Charles Leclerc. Sergio Perez keeps the call and heads to the pits. There is a ten second gap between the Mexican driver and Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes. 

The tension was heating as Carlos Sainz also turned into the pits to protect his second position. In the meantime, Max Verstappen has a problem with the battery charger and is hitting on the team. It seems like Lewis Hamilton has already understood that there is a chance for him. Mercedes driver accelerates, pulling out of the pitlane. Bom! Pierre Gasly’ Alpha Tauri broke down as it couldn’t stand the tension of the atmosphere of the Bahrain Grand Prix and fired up on 48 out of 57 laps. The current situation is like a flash back to the race at Sakhir in 2020, when Romain Grosjean was involved in the terrible crash. Right now, everything is alright with Gasly. 

Red Bull’s dreams are broken.

We started the 49th lap with the following safety car. Despite the red Mercedes, Leclerc, Verstappen, Sainz, Perez, Hamilton, Russell, Magnussen, and Bottas continue to try and keep calm. Safety cars passing lapped cars very accurately, as everyone remembers Abu-Dhabi 2021‘s final laps very well.

Red Mercedes safety car leaves the grid after 51 laps. Carlso Sainz as if he had broken loose, immediately attacked Max Verstappen for second position. Hamilton rushing on Perez with the same passion. Still, everyone stays in their own lane. Sainz doubled the lead ahead of Red Bull. Sergio Perez set the fastest time on the 52nd lap of the Bahrain Grand Prix 2022. 

“That’s not a battery,” the team yells to Max Vertsappen, but nothing could help the youngest F1 world champion, because his red Bull has no more power. This is the end: Carslo Sainz overtaking an exhausted Red Bull with joy. 

“We can do nothing” says Red Bull, and that’s defeat. Eyes on the prize, as they say, and Lewis Hamilton moved to third position.  The race for Bahrain Grand Prix 2022 continues with Leclerc, Sainz, Perez, Hamilton, Russell, Magnussen, and Bottas. 

“If it rains before seven, it will clear by eleven” – as they say, and Sergio Perez losing power on the 56th lap. The 57th lap of Sergio Perez ends with him flatting out in Turn 2. There is a real drama: the orange grandstand is almost crying. The race that is impossible to watch! Lewis Hamilton, meanwhile, moved up to third place. What a fortunate guy!  

Leclerc, Sainz, Hamilton, Russell, Magnussen and Bottas finish the Bahrain Grand Prix 2022. No points for Red Bull. The driver of the day was Charles Leclerc. Meanwhile, Kevin Magnussen made a miracle happen for Haas team.

We’ve risen to the top with Scuderia Ferrari and deep into the past of the grid with Red Bull. Bahrain Grand Prix 2022 gave us unforgettable emotions that all F1 fans can’t wait to repeat.