Alonso Bahrain GP 2023

Bahrain GP 2023 – The Thrilling Start Of The Season

The Formula 1 2023 season has finally started! What an unpredictable first race! Bahrain GP 2023 impressed even the most pampered F1 fans. Shortly, we weren’t expecting such a pace from Aston Martin, Mclaren, and the new F1 2023 cars to be as fast as they were. Here are the key outlines that we marked to keep in mind after the race in Sakhir.

Bahrain GP 2023 qualifying

Aston Martin is one of the top three F1 teams after the Bahrain GP 2023.

After Bahrain GP 2023, no one risks doubting Aston Martin’s AMR23 cars.

On Friday and Saturday, Fernando Alonso set one of the fastest times. The fact that AMR23 had the pace caused Mercedes and Red Bull to reflect on the eve of Sunday’s race in Sakhir. Alonso finished qualifying fifth. His teammate Lance Stroll qualified eighth despite nursing a wrist injury. That is what we call a breakthrough!

The Spaniard demonstrated amazing driving skills in terms of tactics, car driving and even endurance!

Alonso started in a comfortable fifth position, only waiting for the right moment to attack. Lewis Hamilton pitted out of the top five. He swapped on hard on lap 13. Ferrari responded by double-stacked a lap later. Russell followed, but was too slow.

How Fernando Alonso finished third at Bahrain GP 2023 or the brilliance of the Spaniard.

Therefore, when Alonso pitted on lap 15, he emerged ahead of Russell. Bottas made it as high as sixth, having taken new tyres earlier, but Alonso overtook him easily on lap 17.

Already on lap 30 Bottas ran for another set of hards and Hamilton and Stroll reluctantly followed suit one lap later. Russell pitted for hards on lap 31 and emerged behind Hamilton. Stroll, whose tyres were warmer, cruised past Russell for P7. Sainz pitted and Leclerc stayed out until lap 34.

Don’t open the highlights, just rewatch the race since lap 35 when Perez and Alonso switched tires. Alonso collected purple sectors and moved up to Hamilton with new tires. There was almost a four-lap battle between the Spaniard and Lewis Hamilton for fifth place over the course of almost four laps. It seemed he was already set for P5 on Lap 37, but suffered a snap of oversteer on the exit and lost the place.

With F1 fans at their most tense, Alonso overtook Hamilton on lap 40 very clearly. Due to engine problems, Charles Lelclers’ Ferrari retired on lap 41. He came to a stop at the penultimate corner to bring out a Virtual Safety Car.

It became clear that the third position was also a possible dream for Aston Martin. This is because another Spaniard, Carlos Sainz had struggled for traction as the tires on his Ferrari were were out. After 44 laps, Alonso had gotten involved in a battle against Sainz. He got within DRS range of Sainz and almost ran into the back of the Ferrari making very slight contact on lap 45. With a technically right exit out of Turn 10, plus DRS, Alonso swept up the Ferrari, setting a third place finish for lap 46.

The Aston Martin F1 cars are like the hybrid between a Mercedes of the past and a Red Bull of the present. The former Red Bull engineers that joined the Aston Martin F1 team have very good memories, Helmut Marko stated. Perhaps he is right. It was impossible to imagine, only a few months ago, that Aston Martin would definitively complete the top three teams. While we expected that it would be Mercedes returning to glory, the Aston Martin just barged to ran to podium on Bahrain GP 2023. Their last podium was with Sebastien Vettel at Baku GP in 2021.

Red Bull cars are fast more than enough at the Bahrain GP 2023

Despite that Red Bull accuses Aston Martin of stealing car information, Max Vertsappen and Sergio Perez have nothing to be nervious about.

As Max Verstappen outjumped the others in Saturday’s qualifying, he destroyed Aston Martin’s dreams of pole. Setting themselves comfortable on 1-2 – Verstappen and Perez charged to lead the Bahrain GP 2023. Verstappen began breaking through with variable advantage. His lead had grown to almost 14 seconds by lap 30. When he pitted from softs to hards on lap 37, the Dutchman had a 37-second lead.

Max Verstappen won the Bahrain GP 2023, while Sergio Perez finished second.
Unlikely there will be someone who will find the arguments of speed against Red Bull and their superior RB19 in 2023 F1 season; at least until teams get cars upgraded at Spanish GP.

However, in this season we have almost three F1 teams in the top three: Ferrari, Mercedes and Aston Martin, which is making this season even more interesting. Moreover, Williams appears to be more than just a dark horse. As a result, secondhand battles promise surprises. McLaren took this opportunity unfortunatly.

Bahrain GP 2023 results

McLaren failed to start the F1 2023 season.

Their rookie driver Oscar Pisatir was that one who had the most winning positions after the start of the Bahrain Grand Prix. Starting 18th he was so close to the top ten when he had to change his steering wheel due to an electrical issue. As a result of problems to fix during lap 13, he was stuck in the pits for two laps before retiring.

Another McLaren driver Lando Norris was unlucky, as he had been racing at the back throughout the Bahrain GP. Norris did not succeed with McLaren’s late gamble on soft tyres and his fastest lap. After pitting six times he finished the race 17th.

What makes sense the most is all it is about McLaren F1 – the team which claimed for the fourth place in F1 constructs championship 2022. The race in Sakhir was an unexpected start for McLaren and their fans.

Perfected F1 cars 2023!

At the Bahrain GP 2023 we watched something more than just the F1 cars – these are the crown of perfection in some sense. Mclaren’s Piastri steering wheel replacement, even though it wasn’t successful, surprised us with amazing technology.

Fernando Alonso demonstrated another F1 trick. Quite deservedly, the spaniard took the title of driver of the day. He showed that he could quickly and easily turn the balance of the wheels of the F1 car from rear to front of his Aston Martin. This was literally at the speed of 280km per hour! In all fairness, he had managed to turn the wheel simultaneously, trying not to collide with Hamilton and Sainz.

Another key point we figured out is that in F1 2023 cars look very similar in terms of color scheme. Thus, it was sometimes difficult to find green-black Aston Martins and where are black-green Mercedes cars. For the F1 season in 2023, black and green are definitely in the trend!


Fans were treated to a thrilling F1 race with Bahrain GP 2023. Perhaps Red Bull’s dominance is not something to argue about in the near future, but competition is expected. As the cars of the following league are already stepping on the Bulls’ heels. Mercedes, Ferrari and Aston Martin highlighting the space for the most tensioned battle. The next one is already scheduled for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023 from 17-19 March. Moreover, race at Jeddah promises new challenge, where tyres and reliability are will be the major issues.