Azerbaijan Grand Prix

The 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix is set to surprise F1 fans

Azerbaijan Grand Prix has never been ended in the way it started. Against expectations, the street circuit provides the best of Formula 1 racing. At the same time, each F1 driver faces here with a problem with unpredictable consequences. That is why the Baku street city circuit isn’t deal with only one leader. Furthermore, at least three drivers have never won a race in Azerbaijan: George Russell, Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc. The only one at the driver’s grid has a clear advantage, but a new F1 sprint format rushed into the deal to break any remnants of clarity. You should watch the 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, as it will be a thrill ride to remember. Here are the insights.

Six races – six different winners.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix has been held in Formula 1 since its debut in 2016 when it was labeled the European GP. So, officially that will be the eighth race in Baku and the seventh Azerbaijan Grand Prix. However, each had an unpredictable finish, as a different driver took the podium every time.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix is dealing with more than one leader. In 2023 the race in Baku sets to surprise as we have at least three racers to claim a victory. Max Verstappen is not the only one to bet on. According to statistics, there are three different drivers to lead in every race in Baku. 

Both Ferrari drivers, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, weren’t successful here previously but are ready to contribute. Fernando Alonso and Geroge Russell also have high chances for a pole. What could be more surprising than seeing Spaniard continues his success with a victory in Azerbaijan? However, that is possible a lot. 

Baku GP Sergio Perez by

Sergio Perez is a dark horse in Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Red Bull drivers have shown the best results at the circuit in Baku. In 2017, Daniel Ricciardo won the race from the tenth starting place. 

But another point is that Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2023 can surprise you is a high performance from Sergio Perez. So, the Red Bull cars’ speed advantage is vital to winning, and for Perez first. With four times taking the podium in Baku, the Mexican F1 driver is holding the best results here among the others. Perez is the pacing maestro at the city circuits in Formula 1. 

The rivalry between Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez is another point we expect to see in the 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Baku GP 2021

Puncture, puncture, puncture!

The tires’ choice and reliability in Baku is one of the most controversial topics in the Paddock of Formula 1 this weekend. According to the statistics, no Azerbaijan Grand Prix was held without a puncture issue. 

Therefore, that puncture forced Max Verstappen to retire from the race after his Pirelli tire burst at high speed in 2021. 

No one guarantees the Pirelli will provide 100% grip and safety at the track’s surface. So, choosing tire compounds is a significant point of the F1 teams’ strategy for a weekend. The driver to win in Baku is often not the fastest car but the more reliable one. 

While set-up-wise, the teams must choose between downforce for the twisty bits and less drag for the straight. That is where the surprise is, because of improved Mercedes cars and experienced Alonso at the wheel of Aston Martin stepping up against the Bulls.

The Baku City street circuit is suitable for overtaking.

Another surprising fact is that you can compare Baku with Monaco as both street circuits, but the Azerbaijan track provides all the chances for overtaking and breakthroughs. 

Baku circuit is a mixture of wide, open, tight, and twisty, but it has a long main straight with cars that can run three abreast into Turn 1. As well as in Monaco, the slightest mistakes are punished quickly and severely.  

However, among those six races in Baku, there were only two where the polesitter won. Therefore, taking a pole is not guaranteed the driver will win the race. Moreover, due to the updated sprint format, the 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix already provides two races per weekend. 

2022 baku grand prix

The 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix holds a new F1 sprint format.

A double weekend is a super surprise, as the FIA Formula 1 announced updated rules for the F1 sprint. Thus, the F1 sprint is a separate short race with a different qualifying and a chance for drivers to take extra scores. 

The 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix schedule is also changed.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2023 schedule

Thus, traditional practices and qualifying sessions for the starting order on Sunday’srace are scheduled for Friday

Saturday holds a particular F1 sprint day, as there are scheduled qualifying sessions for the order of the starting grid at a sprint -“Sprint Shootout” and a short F1 sprint race. The qualifying session for the starting grid of the sprint includes three segments with 12 minutes, 10 minutes, and 8 minutes for each Qs, respectively. F1 drivers get the only tire compounds per segment: mediums for Q1 and Q2 and hard for Q3

The traditional race holds on Sunday without changes in the schedule. 

You should watch the 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix because it is one of the epic races in the Formula 1 schedule. The Baku city circuit has unique features that allow F1 drivers to breakthroughs. Also, despite the above, the track could be more dangerous due to the high chances of crashing cars and the tires puncturing. Besides, the inner dramas also have a place to be. Yet, with the race in Baku, it starts the time for drivers to search for more good seats in the other teams for the following season. If things go right, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2023 may be a brilliant job for once and an absolute disaster for others. But the problem is that here everything never goes to plan.